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What is The Life Expectancy of Dialysis Patients

2014-12-30 10:39

What is The Life Expectancy of Dialysis PatientsAlthough dialysis can not cure kidney disease, it is no doubt that dialysis is the one of the most effective ways to prolong the life expectancy of patients. Then what is the life expectancy of dialysis patients? The life expectancy is associated with many factors, such as the age of start accepting dialysis, the dialysis quality, protopathy, complication, the frequency of dialysis and so on, so there is not a exact answer for the question. But patients can prolong their life expectancy through controlling these factors.

Generally speaking, if dialysis patients whose age is younger than 60 with a good constitution can ensure full dialysis, they can prolong their life expectancy more than 10 years and live a normal life like common people. Dialysis can replace the kidney work at some degree, such as cleaning the wastes in blood, correcting disturbance of water and electrolyte and balancing the acid-base. It is really a good choice for patients with serious complications and symptoms for dialysis sometimes can save the life of patients in time.

But there are some thing bothered patients also, for example, dialysis often accompanied with some complications, and once patients stop accepting dialysis, the physical condition of patients can rebound for dialysis do nothing to reverse the kidney function, in addition, long time dialysis can lead to the lose of nutrition and kidney atrophy, without blood flowing into kidney, patients will stop urination, heavier the kidney failure.

For dialysis patients, they should try their best to regular their lifestyle, keep the nutrition support, avoid overwork and prevent getting cold and so on in case of more serious kidney failure. But the key for dialysis patients to prolong their life expectancy is a natural treatment which can help them decrease dialysis times.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a good choice for dialysis patients, it can cleaning the toxins in blood and promote the blood circulation. And it plays an important role in remitting symptoms and protecting remaining function. If you want to know more information about our treatment prolong life expectancy and decrease dialysis times, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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