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Why Do I Suffer from Swelling on Dialysis

2015-02-06 16:57

Swelling is a common symptoms with people with kidney disease. And dialysis is a common symptoms to alleviate swelling, however, some patients will suffer from swelling once again. Why do patients suffer from swelling on dialysis? And the more importantly, what can patients do to alleviate swelling?

Firstly, although dialysis has the ability to filter the wastes products out of body, it just play 10% kidney function, dialysis can not do what the health kidneys do. So although dialysis can eliminate a small part of water, it can not remove out water thoroughly. Dialysis is unable to eliminate the extra salt completely, with high level salt in body will causes swelling in patients. Some patients will drink a lot of water due to thirsty, unchangeable habits. They can not limit the water and salt intake, leading to swelling.

Secondly, as patients have longer term of dialysis, the remain kidney function become less and less. With decreasing kidney function, more and more water can not be eliminated from body.

Thirdly, one the side effects of dialysis is hypoproteinemia, for patients with dialysis, they have high possibility to develop into hypoproteinemia, without sufficient protein in blood, the extra water will leak into body tissues.

What can patients do to alleviate swelling? Patients may be prescribed with some diuretics to make the kidneys to produce more urine. Once patients stopping using medicines, patients will suffer from swelling once again. The most fundamental way to alleviate swelling is to alleviate swelling is to repair kidney lesions, because as long as patients can work as normal, the extra fluid can be filtered as normal. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is innovated on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a natural treatment which is put forward by many renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. This treatment is external application, it extends blood vessels, increases blood circulation of whole body, so as to provide sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidneys help the diseased cells get repaired, recover their normal kidney function, alleviate swelling fundamentally.

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