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What Happens to A Renal Failure Patient When They Skip Dialysis

2015-03-23 15:40

Regular hemodialysis is the common and effective treatment for renal failure patients to prolong the life expectancy and improve life quality. However, due to this or that reasons, some patients take the irregular dialysis. For example, at some economically underdeveloped areas where there are not perfect medical equipment, many patients have to give up the treatment due to high cost for long time dialysis or accept the irregular dialysis. Than what happen to renal failure patients when they skin dialysis? Now let us have a study.

Dialysis only can replace kidney functions at some degree, for example, it can help excreting some wastes products out of body, balancing water-electrolyte and supporting some nutrition human need. However, it fail to stop the kidney damages and reverse the kidney function, the skin of dialysis would bring the kidney function indictors higher again and many organs and systems dysfunction, so kidney failure patients still suffer the poor life quality and suffer severe pains.

Renal failure patients really need a treatment which can avoid complication of dialysis and reverse their kidney functions.

Traditional Chinese Treatment is the representative treatment in China, it include therapies such as steaming therapy, medical bath, foot bath, oral decoction, hot compress, acupuncture and so on. At the work of these herbal medicines, these therapies can come into play effectively, working on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood clots and cleaning toxins in blood. with the healthy and smooth blood perfusion, the kidney damage can be blocked and kidney function also can be promoted.

Stem cell also is a good choice for renal failure patients. The processed stem cells are injected into human body though veins. They can meet human body needs, repairing the injured renal cells and restoring the kidney structure, so that the kidney functions can be reversed. Generally speaking, patients can see the magic effect after 3-6 month.

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