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Can Dialysis Patient Drink Tea for Constipation

2015-03-25 16:16

Can Dialysis Patient Drink Tea for ConstipationCan dialysis patient drink tea for constipation, we all know that the healthy diet plays an important role in improving the life quality and remitting some symptoms for dialysis patients. And we often heard that tea is good for constipation, then whether it is turn or not, let us have a study.

Constipation refers to dyschesia or the decrease of cacation times, which really influence the life quality of patients a lot. For dialysis patients, they are in the oliguria and anuria period, and due to the strict limitation of water intake, unreasonable diet plan, insufficient sports, toxins retention caused by inadequate dialysis, patients always are accompanied with poor appetite, gastrointestinal dysfunction, abdominal distension and delayed gastric emptying, leading to constipation. Our experts suggest that the tea is not suitable for dialysis patients with constipation.

Many patients think that tea is good for excreting toxins, so they often choose tea to prevent constipation. However, it is totally wrong idea.

The tea polyphenol in tea has converging action for gastric mucosa, influencing the digestion of foods and leading to more serious constipation. So dialysis patients with constipation should avoid tea intake, especially for the strong tea.

For constipation patients, they can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, and drink proper water. In addition, the proper sports also can promote the digestive functions. But all the things should be decided by the specific physical conditions of dialysis patients.

And we really hope what we mentioned can do something for you. And if you still are curious about the tea for dialysis patients with constipation or other life style, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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