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What Are the Common Side Effects of Dialysis with Kidney Failure

2013-03-26 14:57

Side effects of kidney dialysis are also life-threatening, so it is of great importance for kidney failure patients who are planing to start dialysis to learn the common side effects of kidney dialysis in advance. The followings are the common side effects of kidney dialysis and if any kidney failure patient undergoing dialysis found they have some or one of the following conditions, he needs to be realize his discomforts may result from dialysis.

1. Headache which usually occurs as a result of large amounts of water and electrolyte shifts is especially common among kidney failure patients with hemodialysis.

2. Low blood pressure: similar with headache, low blood pressure is also one of the common side effects of hemodialysis and can be caused by the drop in fluid levels. Because of low blood pressure, dialysis patients experience nausea and dizziness easily.

3. Muscle cramp: During a dialysis session, muscle cramp, especially leg cramp occurs easily as the muscle reaction to the fluid loss.

4. Itchy skin: Itchy skin is a common complain among hemodialysis patients and usually results from the build-up of phosphorus in the blood. Avoiding foods high in phosphorus will be helpful for alleviating this side effect.

5. Hernias: Hernias is a common side effects of peritoneal dialysis and surgery is the only solution for this problem.

6. Infection: No matter for hemodialysis patients or peritoneal dialysis patients, they have increased risk for infection which may bring them fever, pain, red and welling on the arm or belly area.

7. Tiredness: Most of the kidney failure patients undergoing dialysis will experience tiredness which is thought to be the result of loss of normal kidney function, overall stress and anxiety and dietary restrictions associated with dialysis.

Side effects of kidney diaysis affect patient’s life seriously, so finding a proper management about these discomforts will means a lot for kidney failure patients.

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