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What Can I Eat on Dialysis

2015-09-25 11:09

What Can I Eat on DialysisDialysis is a treatment which removes out all of wastes products and toxins out of body. There are some changes on their diet when patients are on dialysis. Therefore, patients may be wondering what can they eat on dialysis.

In order to prevent the toxins and wastes products building up in the body, patients need to limit the amount of potassium, phosphorus, protein and sodium in your diet.

Proper amount of protein

For patients who are on dialysis, they can eat protein according to your condition. Beef, eggs and fish also can be added in your diet. Proper amount of cheese, nut butters cooked beans can help you meed the protein goals. Patients also need to consult their doctor for what amount of protein should they eat. If you want to know more details, please contact our online doctor directly.

low sodium foods

Sodium can be found in many foods. For patients with dialysis, they are allowed to way no more than 2000milligramds of sodium per day. Patients also need to pay attention to labels and packaged canned foods that are high sodium. Patients also need to select fresh meats and fruits and vegetables that do not contained too much salt.

Avoid high potassium foods

Grains and some fruits and vegetables and breads contained high amount of potassium. Low potassium foods are bread, rice, canned peaches, fresh carrots and cucumbers. High amount of potassium foods are tomatoes, potatoes, banana.

Low phosphorus foods

Patients are not allowed to eat the foods that are high in phosphorus. Milk and dairy products, meat, whole grains are high phosphorus foods.

As a matter of fact, simply eating health foods can not solve the problem at all. What needs patients do is to seek a replacement treatment for dialysis. And Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended for patients with various kidney disease. More importantly, a specific treating plan will be made according to your illness condition and the application of treatment. You can send your illness condition and phone number to or leave a message below. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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