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Severe Shortness of Breath during Dialysis, Is This Common

2015-10-07 09:44

Severe Shortness of Breath during DialysisDialysis is commonly used in people with kidney disease. Although it is effective in reducing high creatinine level, patients often displayed symptoms of shortness of breath, headache, anemia. Therefore, if you happen to be someone with shortness of breath, please do not worry, you are not alone with this symptom, you can contact our online doctor to know more details.

If you are suffering from shortness of breath, do you know why you experience it. Only knowing the causes of shortness of breath can you relive it fundamentally. There are several factors contributing to shortness of breath during dialysis which are listed as following:

Many studies have revealed that shortness breath during dialysis is mainly attributed to anemia where insufficient blood and oxygen are delivered to the important organs, such as heart and kidneys. Each dialysis patients may lose up to 5-7 mg of iron during each dialysis session, which is a primary contributor to their iron deficiency anemia. During the process of dialysis, blood in patients’ whole body is filtered. By this process, most of toxins and wastes products can be removed out of body, in the meanwhile, some useful substances, such as red blood cells and iron also can be eliminated out of body. Regarding on this, patients are prone to suffer from anemia. Without conveying sufficient blood and oxygen to heart, patients are at higher risk to develop shortness of breath.

Inadequate dialysis is another major cause for shortness of breath. It is well known that the injured kidney is unable to eliminate the toxins and wastes products sufficiently. Dialysis is needed to eliminate it, however, inadequate dialysis can not eliminate these wastes products sufficiently, causing much fluid in lung. This also is a major reason for shortness of breath.

While, is there any way to relive shortness of breath during dialysis?

In China, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital where many renal doctors worked for years to put forward a innovative treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. By promoting blood circulation and intending blood vessels, a health internal environment can be provided for patients to repair the diseased inherent cells and kidney tissues.

If you still have doubt about shortness of breath during dialysis, please send email to or leave a message below. Our renal doctor will reply you as soon as possible.

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