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How to Treat Muscle Cramps for People on Dialysis

2013-04-02 13:58

Treat Muscle Cramps for People on DialysisFor people with kidney disease, they commonly won’t have muscle cramps until their condition develops end stage where patients have to rely on dialysis or kidney transplant to live. In this situation, muscle cramps are quite common. Clinical researches reveal that the incidence of muscle cramps on dialysis is about 10%-15%. This uneasy sensation makes sufferers urgently to find how to treat muscle cramps for people on dialysis.

What causes muscle cramps during dialysis?

The correct interaction of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and parathyroid hormone is able to keep the bone and muscle healthy. Normally, the healthy kidney is responsible to maintain the balance of these minerals in the body. However, once the kidney is damaged especially when the patients need dialysis, this balance will be disturbed. Then, painful muscle cramps can happen during dialysis or between two dialysis treatments, especially if the patient gain a lot of fluid weight.

How to treat muscle cramps for people on dialysis?

To help ease patients’ muscle cramps, the following suggestions may be helpful:

◆ Stretch the muscle

Some movement is able to help remit this discomfortable sensation and stretching the muscle is suitable for these patients. What’s more, moderate exercise is an important part to assist patients’ whole treatment.

◆ Take a medicated bath

Through correcting patients’ immune system and increasing their sweat to remove more wastes from the body, a medicated bath has an obvious benefit of treating muscle cramps.

◆ Drinking right amount of water

If the patient can still make urine, moderate water can guarantee their urine volume so that it can help correct the mineral balance.

◆ Massage

Massage, compared with any medicine, has no side effect and it dose help remit patients’ muscle cramps.

The above methods indeed can treat muscle cramps for people on dialysis, but they do nothing to the damaged kidney function. Only if the kidney function is improved can patients correct their mineral imbalance thoroughly and even avoid further dialysis.

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