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How to Relieve Difficulty Breathing during Dialysis

2016-06-18 18:53

In kidney failure stage, some patients have to do dialysis which help their kidney execute the function.

What’s dialysis? In simple words, the waste substances are eliminated out of human body by professional machine. It’s a safe, easy, widely applied method of hemopurification. In other words, it filters blood, it uses dialyzer by operating principle of semipermeable membrane. The toxic substances and metabolite are eliminated out of body through semipermeable membrane while other necessary substances like red cells and protein whose molecular . In this way, the machine simulate kidney to finish the function.

During dialysis some patients breath with difficulty, that because is elocal tetanic shortened. It happened because the creatinine and urea nitrogen are quickly removed, it decreases osmotic pressure of adtevak and the moisture in vessels transfer into mesenchyme and cells, the vessels get edema oppression.

There are some reasons that difficulty breathing happens during dialysis. Complications are the most important factors that lead to difficulty breathing, including hypertension, pericarditis, pneumonedema, digestive tract disease, esophagitis, gastritis, hepatic disease.

How to relieve difficulty breathing during dialysis? It has relationship with the complications, if the patients can control the complication in the reasonable range, the condition of difficulty breathing can get improved. How to control these complications, the patients should pay attention to the food they have in daily life. For example, less salt, less oil, less greasy food. Of course, keeping good mindset is important for patients to recover.

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine researches a new therapy which emphasis on Chinese traditional medicine based on the combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine, it different from traditional treatment which focuses on superficial symptom, is repairs the root of damaged cells. The therapy in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine called “Micro Chinese medicine osmotheropy”. When the innate cells are repaired, the function of kidney can get improved, then the illness get better.

If you are interested in this therapy and believe the Chinese traditional medicine, you can contact our online doctor directly. 

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