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Colon Dialysis For Creatinine 918 And Urea 27

2013-04-16 15:43

For kidney failure patient with high creatinine of 918 and urea 27, dialysis is required to help remove excess wastes and toxins in the body so as to help purify the blood, sustain the patient’s life.

Kidney failure patients are very familiar with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Actually there are 3 types of dialysis in clinic, the third one is colon dialysis.

Colon dialysis combines Chinese medicines and advanced medical technology together and it has been proved to be effective for renal failure patients with high creatinine and high urea.

Metabolic wastes and toxins in the body are mainly removed through the kidneys. When renal functions are impaired, wastes and toxins can not be discharged through the kidneys. Since the intestinal tract can eliminate toxins from the body, it becomes very important to remove wasteful toxins through the intestinal tract for renal failure patients because it is not easy to improve kidney functions or at least it takes some time to repair renal damages and recover renal functions.

Colon dialysis is based on the theory. During colon dialysis, filtered water will be infused into the patient’s colon to clean the colon and eliminate wastes and toxins. Then special solutions will be infused to help absorb various toxins. When the wastes and toxins are removed and the internal environment is cleaned, prepared Chinese medicines will be infused to treat the disease. Active ingredients in the medicines will be absorbed by the body and penetrate into the kidneys to help repair renal damages and improve kidney functions.

After colon dialysis, high creatinine, high blood urea nitrogen, high uric acid will be lowered and the symptoms and complications of uremic state will be eased and controlled. Excess water, electrolytes and acidic materials will be removed, swelling, electrolyte imbalances and metabolic acidosis will be relieved.

Compared with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, colon dialysis has its particular advantages. It has low cost, wide application, natural, safe and causes no pains or injuries to the patients. It will be playing more and more significant role in treating kidney disease and will be received by more and more kidney failure patients.

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