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Will Dialysis Cure Kidney Failure

2013-04-23 14:37

Can dialysis cure kidney failure? This question is usually posed by people who are newly diagnosed with kidney failure. Kidney is one of the important organs with various function. Once being diagnosed with kidney failure, patients need to start dialysis to sustain their life. But disappointedly, dialysis can not cure kidney failure.

Why dialysis can not cure kidney failure?

Dialysis can be commonly called artificial kidney and refers to a medical procedure in which a dialysis machine is used to replace failed kidney to filter blood outside patient’s body. Dialysis machine works on the basis of semipermeable membrane and through dialysis, excess fluids and wastes produced by our body can be separated and removed from blood. In normal cases, kidney play the role of filtering blood and removing wastes. However, for kidney failure patients, their kidneys are damaged seriously and impaired kidney function can not function properly. As a consequent, wastes pile up in blood. Dialysis can help kidney failure patients to purify blood and protect their internal organs from being damaged by the toxins.

Dialysis is a life-saving medical method for kidney failure patients, but it can not repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. Therefore, kidney failure can not be cured after dialysis.

Is there treatment that can cure kidney failure?

Actually, according to current medical technology, there is no such a treatment that can cure kidney failure. For kidney failure patients, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney tissues, for these injured kidney tissues, there is chance to repair them. However, for these dead kidney tissues, we can not revive them at all. Therefore, at present, kidney failure can not be cured.

Even though there is no cure for kidney failure now, there is such a treatment that can help to improve a certain of kidney function by repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells. Similar with cells in other parts of our body, cells in kidney also have self-repairing ability. However, when the damage is out of their ability, they become necrotic and lose their working ability. For kidney failure patients, we can help to repair kidney intrinsic cells which are injured mildly by activating them. When these injured kidney cells perform function again, kidney function gets improved to some extent. For kidney failure patients who have not start dialysis, successful improvement of kidney function may enable them to live a longer time without dialysis. And for these who have started dialysis, dialysis frequency can be reduced greatly by improving kidney function. Therefore, even though dialysis can not cure kidney failure, kidney failure patients should not be negative, as there is a way in this world to help them improve their condition.

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