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High Creatinine Level and Dialysis

2013-04-29 10:59

Many people with advanced kidney disease try to depend on dialysis to lower their high creatinine level. In most cases, dialysis, a kidney replacement therapy, indeed can reduce elevated creatinine level. However, in some cases, it fails to work effectively. Today, you can get an overall understand of high creatinine level and dialysis.

Generally, people with kidney disease don’t need dialysis unless their kidney function is less than 15% where their creatinine level is usually above 5.0mg/dl or they have severe complications. Dialysis, as one type of blood purification technologies, is able to remove wastes from the body. If patients can receive sufficient dialysis, creatinine level will come down quickly and obviously. However, during dialysis treatments, it may raise again.

If you have kidney failure and your creatinine level can’t be reduced with help of dialysis, there are mainly two causes. As the above mentioned, the first cause is that your dialysis is not sufficient that leads to excessive wastes build up in the body. As more and more creatinine deposit in the blood, creatinine level will raise again. The other reason is that you find your creatinine level raise during the dialysis treatment, because wastes build up in the kidney again during dialysis.

Why do some patients’ creatinine level elevates again during or after dialysis? We have known the answer from the above content. If you want to lower your creatinine level effectively, some kidney repairing treatment are needed. The more kidney function recover to work again, the more normal your creatinine level and less kidney complications.

Immunotherapy, compared with dialysis, can not only help purify your blood but also improve your kidney function through regenerating new kidney tissues and repairing the damaged ones. After three weeks’ treatment, you may find your high creatinine level reduces largely. Hope you can get rid of high creatinine level and dialysis with this new treatment.

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