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Will Dialysis Patients Feel Extremely Cold

2013-05-05 11:23

Will Dialysis Patients Feel Extremely ColdCold feeling is very common among kidney dialysis patients and some patients even feel freezing cold, therefore it is necessary for us to address this issue to explain why dialysis patients feel cold and how to ease this cold feelings.

During dialysis, the patient’s blood will have to flow through the dialyzer, when wastes and toxins are removed, the purified blood will be returned back into the patient’s body. When the blood is outside the patient’s body, it is cooled and when it is returned into the body, it will make the patient to feel cold, therefore the proper handling of the temperature of the dialyzer and dialysate is very important. Besides, the patient’s skin where the fistula or catheter is done will be exposed in dialysis. Usually each dialysis will last for 3-5 hours and patients have to remain in the same place for that long time without any movement. These are all causes of cold feeling during and after dialysis treatment.

Some patients will not only feel cold during dialysis and they seem to have the cold feeling all the time. In such case, it can be due to anemia, poor blood circulation or lack of calorie intake due to malnutrition, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Nearly all dialysis patients will suffer from anemia. The main reason is reduced production of erythropoietin and low red blood cell count. Blood loss during tests and dialysis can worsen anemia. Renal failure patients often have poorer blood circulation than healthy people and their body cells can not get enough supply of blood, oxygen and nutritions. Lack of iron, calorie intake are all the reasons of feeling cold among dialysis patients.

From the above analysis, we can see that it is necessary to have a discussion with your doctor to find out what is the major cause of your cold feeling and what are the factors that worsen your cold feeling so as to have proper measures accordingly.

Foot bath can help ease the cold feeling for dialysis patients because it can help promote blood circulation so as to make patients feel warm. Medicated foot bath has certain curative effects to the patients. It is to add certain drugs into the water while you take foot bath. It can help treat kidney disease and improve kidney functions so as to help relieve cold feeling from the root.

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