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High Creatinine 459, Must I Perform Kidney Dialysis

2017-12-06 13:51

High Creatinine 459, Must I Perform Kidney Dialysis,Toxins-Removing Treatment“I have High Creatinine 459 in recent test reports, and I am worried very much. Must I perform Kidney Dialysis?” A patient asked our Online Doctor. Honestly say, dialysis is not the exclusive way to reduce high creatinine levels along with the medical development.

What is the meaning of high creatinine 459?

Creatinine levels will be considered as an important criterion of how well your kidneys functioning. It is because creatine, the metabolism of muscle of the body and meat you eat, will be excreted out of the body solely by the healthy kidneys.

However, when your kidneys get badly damaged and a lot of kidney functions are destroyed, they will be unable to excrete creatine from the body normally. As a result, a certain number of creatinine will stay in the blood, leading to high creatinine levels.

Therefore, high creatinine level 459 means the badly damaged kidneys and decreased kidney function.

Must patients perform dialysis with high creatinine 459?

In clinic, creatinine 459 refers to the early stage of Kidney Failure, which needs to take effective therapies as soon as possible to help save the residual kidney function and the undamaged kidney tissues and cells and restore certain kidney functions.

Dialysis really is able to reduce high creatinine levels, but it fails to meet the above goals—neither saving the healthy kidney tissues and cells, nor restoring certain kidney function.

So if you have no severe symptoms with creatinine 459, the experts of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM will suggest its alternatives—a succession of natural Chinese medicine treatments, collectively called Toxins-Removing Treatment. They can open the blocked blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, excrete a lot of toxins and wastes like creatine, repair the damaged kidneys, and prevent further inflammation and coagulation of kidneys. This can help restore renal functions fundamentally and reduce high creatinine levels as well as other discomforts naturally.

Must patients perform dialysis with high creatinine levels? It depends on the specific illness condition. If you are interested in its alternative therapies and would like to live a high quality life, please email medical reports and phone number to or leave a message in the below form. We are glad to help you.

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