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Does Creatinine of 3.1 Require Dialysis, How Can We Reduce

2017-12-09 10:53

Does Creatinine of 3.1 Require Dialysis, How Can We Reduce,Toxins-Removing TreatmentQ: I am very eager to know does creatinine of 3.1 require Dialysis, how can we reduce this effectively. I ask you on the behalf of my husband. He was told he had CKD a couple of days ago.

renal-online doctor: Does he have any other symptoms? Or does he have diabetes, high blood pressure, etc?

Q: Diabetes is there but under control with medicines. BP is bit high. He is currently taking medicines primarily for BP and Diabetes.

renal-online doctor: That’s right. Commonly, the doctor will suggest some medicines to only control bp and diabetes, but for the essential cause of kidney disease, they ignore.

As for your husband’s condition, you should control both high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Meanwhile, you also are in badly need of taking proper therapies to help prevent the next deterioration of renal function and repair these diseased kidney tissues and intrinsic cells. Only this action can you avoid dialysis successfully. In other word, dialysis will not be required.

Q: Is it possible to avoid dialysis? What treatment do you recommend? Please advise and help us.

renal-online doctor: Creatinine level 3.1 signifies his kidney disease is in stage 3, a very crucial stage, in which stage 3 CKD can be effectively reversed if you find proper therapy. Most foreign patients would like to choose systematic TCM Toxins-Removing Treatment to help reduce high creatinine and repair kidney lesions fundamentally.

Toxins-Removing Treatment is an unique therapy of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM, if you are interested in it and wonder how does it perform in treating kidney disease, please send present medical reports to us. Our nephrologists will analyze them and then give you more professional guidance.

Q: Thank you very much, I send a email to you attached my phone number, WhatsApp is same. Looking forward to your helpful reply. Thanks again.


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