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Can People With High Creatinine Level Live Without Dialysis

2013-05-09 15:22

Kidney Failure patients need to start dialysis when their creatinine increases to a certain level. Dialysis helps to remove wastes out of the blood,which can help to protect residual kidney function as well as other internal organs. However, as dialysis is torturous and need patients to do it regularly, no one wants to start dialysis. Therefore, many kidney failure patients with high creatinine level wonder if they can live without dialysis.

Dialysis is not a must for some kidney failure patients who have high creatinine level

Dialysis is required for kidney failure patients as failed kidneys can not discharge toxins. These toxins build up in blood and circulate with blood. They may damage any part of their internal organs, so dialysis is usually suggested to remove these toxins so as to lower their risk for life-threatening complications like heart failure.

Most kidney failure patients will experience bothersome symptoms like nausea, vomit and itchy skin which occurs due to high toxins in blood. However, clinic observation show not every kidney failure patient has these symptoms even if their creatinine level has increased to a very high level. In such a case, there is no need for dialysis and they can live a longer time without dialysis.

How to lower creatinine level without dialysis?

Dialysis is the most commonly used and direct medical method for lowering creatinine level, but disappointedly it is not an ideal solution, as it only shows temporary treatment effects.

So far aside from dialysis, medicine like micro-Chinese medicine also can be used to deal with high creatinine level. Dialysis lowers creatinine level by removing excess creatinine out of the blood. Differently, micro-Chinese medicine deal with high creatinine level by improving kidney function. We know creatinine level increases as damaged kidneys fail to discharge excessive creatinine timely and successfully, so when kidney function is improved, creatinine level will decrease naturally. Currently, micro-Chinese medicine is only available for kidney failure patients who still have urine output.

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