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Can You Drink Alcohol While On Dialysis

2013-05-16 10:38

Can You Drink Alcohol While On DialysisFor end stage renal failure patients, regular and adequate dialysis, reasonable home nursing cares can help greatly improve the patient’s life quality and life expectancy. Actually the greatest threaten to dialysis patients is not kidney disease itself, but cardiovascular complications. Therefore to lower these risk factors and prolong the patient’s life, it is very important that renal failure patients and their families to pay more attention to their daily nursing and cares.

Dialysis patients can have small amount of alcohol, but the premise is that the amount is strictly controlled and the patient feels well after drinking alcohol. Since the safe amount of alcohol for dialysis patients is very little, most doctors just recommend patients to avoid alcoholic drinks because the harms of alcohol brings to dialysis patients is far more than the benefits that it brings.

The following are some harms alcohol can cause to dialysis patients.

1. Alcohol can affect the body’s nitrogen balance and increase protein decomposition so as to increase urea nitrogen in the blood and increase burdens to the kidneys. For dialysis patients, they have already suffered from high blood urea nitrogen and low plasma proteins, therefore alcohol should be avoided.

2. Long term drinking can cause a series of other health issues such as anemia, gastrointestinal disorder, malnutrition, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, etc.

Dialysis patients should limit fluid intake because their impaired kidneys cannot remove excess fluid retention in the body. Too much gain of body weight between dialysis sessions can increase difficulty to the following dialysis. Alcohol is counted as fluid intake, therefore it should be limited from this aspect.

Besides alcohol, dialysis patients should avoid strong tea, coffee and cola because they can cause dehydration and further elevate the patient’s serum creatinine levels and make illness conditions worse.

Fresh water and the juices of fresh vegetables, fruits and natural teas are all good choices for dialysis patients such as carrot juice, cucumber juice, beet juice, dandelion tea, etc.

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