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Does GFR Improve with Dialysis

2013-05-18 14:08

Does GFR improve with dialysis? GFR is the abbreviation of Glomerular Filtration Rate which is always used to measure kidney function. For healthy adults, average value of GFR is 125ml/min and with kidney problem, GFR will decrease with the progressive loss of kidney function. Dialysis is usually recommended when GFR is as low as 15. It replace failed kidney to clean blood, which not only lower kidney failure patients’ risk for severe complications, but also helps to prolong their life span to some degree. Dialysis means a lot for people with completely failed kidneys, so many people wonder if GFR will improve after dialysis.

How does dialysis help kidney failure?

To get this question understood well, it is necessary for us to know clear how dialysis works.

People who are on dialysis over years may know well dialysis is torturous and maybe endless once they start. Also, they need to undergo various side effects or discomforts like itchy skin, tiredness, headache and even coma. Dialysis is such a suffer, but it is still needed by kidney failure patients as it can help to clear toxins out of the blood. These harmful substances are produced by our body and normally discharged through kidneys. Affected kidney can not work well, leading to the accumulation of them in the blood. Dialysis works by inducing blood into a dialysis machine which can separate blood and harmful substances like creatinine and urea nitrogen. And after that, filtered blood flow back to patient’s body through vein.

Does GFR improve with dialysis?

From the above explanation, we can know clearly dialysis only helps to filter blood and has nothing to do with kidney damages. In Chronic Kidney Failure, kidney function keeps decreasing as more and more kidney tissues are involved and lose their working ability. In this light, repair kidney damages to improve kidney function is the key point. However, as dialysis can not repair kidney damages at all, kidney function can not be increased and GFR can not be improved after dialysis.

For kidney failure patients who still have urine output everyday, they can try Immunotherapy which is the combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines. It has been used by people from different countries, and show obvious treatment effects in improving kidney condition. When kidney function gets improved, GFR increases as well.

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