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Causes and Management of Fever In Renal Dialysis Patients

2013-06-14 11:43

Causes and Management of Fever In Renal Dialysis PatientsWhat causes fever in renal dialysis? How to manage fever for renal dialysis patients? This article aims at solving these two problems. If you are interested, please read on. In addition, we offer online service, if there is anything unclear, or you have further questions, you can consult our consultant directly. Hope we can help you solve your problems effectively.

What causes fever in renal dialysis?

The number one cause of fever in renal dialysis patients is infection. Dialysis patients always have a poor immunity, due to the great loss of protein from urine and dialysis, as well as strict diet control, which makes them fail to get enough nutrition for a strong immune system. Besides, long-term exposure of blood also can increase dialysis patients’ risk for infection.

Other possible cause for renal dialysis patients to suffer from fever are septicemia and pyrogenic reaction. For renal dialysis patients with fever caused by septicemia, they also experience some other symptoms like chills, vomiting and headache. However, in terms of fever associated with pyrogenic reaction, body temperature usually increases 1-2 hours after patients’ shaking chills. Headache, muscle aches and low blood pressure are also the symptoms of fever caused by pyrogenic reaction.

Management of fever in renal dialysis patients

For renal dialysis patients, if the fever is caused by infection, antibiotics will be needed. Talk with your doctor to found out the exact type of bacterium and then take corresponding antibiotics.

Fever may occur during dialysis or after dialysis. For renal dialysis patients, if they experience extremely high fever, remove from dialysis immediately. And if the condition is severe enough, hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics will be necessary. Besides, gather samples of dialysate/blood per company policy to have further understanding the exact cause of it and then take further measures.

Fever always cause further deterioration of illness, so it is very important to have an effective prevention about fever for renal dialysis patients. (Leave message to to get related information regarding prevention of fever in renal dialysis)

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