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Losing Weight While Doing Dialysis

2013-06-17 14:01

losing weight while doing dialysisSome people are suggested to lose body weight while doing dialysis as this will benefit them in many ways. Here we will mainly introduce what are the benefits for dialysis to lose their body weight and how to achieve the goal of losing weight while doing dialysis.

Benefits of losing weight while doing dialysis

Only dialysis patients who are overweight or obese are suggested to lose body weight and this will benefit them in the following several ways:

1.Losing weight will help to control blood sugar and blood pressure easier. Both persistent high blood sugar and high blood pressure can cause kidney damages directly, so it is of great importance to bring them into the normal range.

2. It is helpful for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. High cholesterol level and high triglyceride level will increase dialysis patients’ risk for cardiovascular disease.

3. Losing weight will help dialysis patients to increase their energy. This helps to lower their symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath.

4. Qualification for kidney transplant

How to lose weight effectively while doing dialysis?

It is a challenge for many of us, including dialysis patients, to lose body weight effectively, if our will is not firm enough. For Dialysis patients, it is more hard to achieve this purpose, as they need to put their health problems into consideration while making plan for losing body weight.

For dialysis patients, the following tips will be helpful for them to lose body weight successfully:

1. Reduce calorie and fat intake and this needs patients to select their foods very carefully.

2. While eating meat, try to choose lean cuts of beef, pork, lamb and veal. Trim the fat before cooking.

3. Avoid or eat less butter or cream

4. Take the skin off poultry before cooking

5. Ingest more fiber everyday, which will help to promote stool movement and avoid too much wastes build up in the intestinal tract.

6. Record what and how much foods you eat every day

7. Eating slowly

8. Record your body weight every day or every two days and this will help to firm your will.

9. Stick on regular aerobic exercise like walking, riding bick and playing Taichi. This can help to consume more calories in your body.

Since there are so many benefits for renal failure patients to lose weight while on dialysis, it is necessary for them to stick on their plan and lose their body weight successfully.

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