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Muscle Weakness In Dialysis Patients

2013-06-24 11:29

Muscle Weakness In Dialysis PatientsMuscle weakness is a common complain among dialysis patients. Why is this? In this text, we will give an introduction about the several causes of muscle weakness in dialysis patients.

For dialysis patients, muscle weakness may be contributable to the following several factors:

1. Poor Nutrition

Protein plays a crucial role for us to build strong muscle. However, for dialysis patients, lots of protein will be lost during dialysis and this will trigger muscle weakness.

2. Renal Anemia

Renal anemia is one of the severe complications of kidney disease and occurs easily when illness condition develops to advanced stage. Anemia refers to the low red blood cell account in blood and renal anemia refers to low red blood cell account caused by kidney disease. We know red blood cell is responsible for carrying oxygen to our body parts and when red blood cell account is lower than the normal value, our body tissues can not get enough oxygen and thus lead to muscle weakness.

3. Disturbance of Potassium Metabolism

Hyperkalemia is another possible cause for dialysis patients to experience muscle weakness. Muscle weakness associated with hyperkalemia usually starts from lower limbs and then spread to the whole body gradually. In addition, in such a case, muscle weakness is always accompanied with heart problems like irregular heartbeat.

4. Low Calcium Level in Blood

In some cases, low calcium level in blood also should be to blame for muscle weakness. In cases of dialysis, low calcium level is closely related with high phosphorus level and it may cause various bone problems like bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis.

5. Less physical exercises

Dialysis patents are always less active due to poor health condition and this may also play a part for the formation of muscle weakness. A good rest is very important for dialysis patients, but as a matter of fact, regular mild physical activities like walking and playing Taichia is also very beneficial and this can help them increase their immunity and thus lower risk for cold and infection.

The above are the several factors that can cause muscle weakness in dialysis patients. With different causes, patients need to take different measures to solve this problem. If you happen to be a dialysis patient and are interested in the management, you can leave your illness condition to Our experts will help you figure out the possible causes and introduce some related solutions.

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