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Why Dialysis Patients Feel Cold And Chill In Treatment

2013-07-09 11:48

Why Dialysis Patients Feel Cold And Chill In TreatmentWhy dialysis patients feel cold and chill in treatment? It is common or kinda of normal for people to feel a little cold during dialysis due to the cold dialyzate. However, in some cases, patients may feel extremely cold during or after dialysis. Is this also a normal condition?

Why dialysis patients feel cold and chill in treatment?

In clinic, there are several causes for dialysis patients to feel cold or chill in treatment and they are:

* Cold dialyzate or malfunctioning thermostat

With cold dialyzate or malfunctioning thermostat, patients may feel cold and chill. In such a condition, there is a no rise of body temperature.

* Infection

For dialysis patients, they may feel cold and chill due to infection which can bring patients fever, redness, swelling, tenderness, warmth or drainage from access site. Infection is one of the leading side effects or complications of dialysis and if not treated properly, worse condition is caused easily.

* Septicemia

Septicemia is another possible cause for dialysis patients to feel cold and chill. In such a condition, aside from cold feeling, patients may also experience fever, vomiting and headache and so on.

* Pyrogenic Reaction

Pyrogenic reaction is a febrile response to infusion of bacterial or bacterial breakdown products. For dialysis patients, when pyrogenic reaction occurs, they will experience cold sensation, low high blood pressure, sudden shaking chills, headache and even muscle aches. With pyrogenic reaction, patients need to remove dialysis quickly, so as to avoid further health problems.

What are the treatment principles for cold and chill associated with dialysis?

Since there are different causes for cold and chill in dialysis, it is of great importance to found out the root cause of this problem and then take corresponding measures.

Besides, dialysis is a life-saving medical method for people with completely failed kidneys, but it is not the only treatment option for kidney failure patients who still have a certain kidney function and urine output. We know kidneys are in charge of producing urine and urine output means there are healthy kidney tissues. Under such a condition, as long as we get some injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired, kidney function will be improved and dialysis and its side effects like cold and chill will be avoided effectively. (If you are interested in the treatment method that can help to improve kidney function, you can consult our on-line doctors directly)

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