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Is Stopping Dialysis Painful

2013-07-18 14:48

Is Stopping Dialysis Painful Is stopping dialysis painful? Dialysis indeed helps a lot in treating renal failure, but it is torturous for one to undergo such a process regularly. Therefore, many renal failure patients have the idea of stopping dialysis when they feel it is really hard to move on with it. Well, what will happen when they stop dialysis? And is stopping dialysis painful?

For renal failure patients, dialysis is used to purify blood by clearing waste products away outside the body with a machine. To keep the blood clean and cause no damages on other internal organs, patients need to do dialysis regularly, as dialysis can not restore kidney function again. In some severe cases,renal failure patients are asked do three times dialysis a week; but in some other cases, patients only need to do dialysis once a week.

For one with dialysis, it is not painful to stop dialysis, but he may experience various symptoms if he do not purify his blood regularly. The followings are the common discomforts he may experience:

1. Severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

2. Dry, yellow and itching skin

3. Sleep apnea, insomnia

4. Hard breath and shortness of beath

5. Nerve and brain damage which can cause numbness and tingling within the feet or hands

6. Swelling in eyelid, face, limbs and even the whole body

7. Mental disorders like talking nonsense

8. Muscle cramp

9. Bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis

10. Tiredness and extremely fatigue

11. Cardiovascular disease like heart failure and stroke

All the above symptoms occur as kidneys fail to function properly. Kidney is responsible for adjusting blood pressure, producing urine, discharging toxins and keeping balance of electrolyte as well as acid-base balance, so when kidneys are injured seriously, various symptoms will occur.

Stopping dialysis is not painful, but for renal failure patients, if they stop dialysis without improving kidney function, they can only live one to four weeks, so it is necessary for them to think it clearly before they make the decision.

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