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Leg Cramps During Dialysis

2013-08-08 12:06

Leg Cramps During DialysisMuscle cramp is a common complain among dialysis patients. It occurs easily in extremities, especially legs, and may appear as a result of different conditions. Since leg cramp is very common and can occur anytime in dialysis, here we will given an introduction about its causes and management. Hope it is helpful for you. In addition, if there is anything unclear after reading this article, you can consult our consultant online, also you can leave message to, in case they are too busy to answer every your question well.

What causes leg cramp during dialysis?

Mostly, leg cramp in dialysis results from the following several condition:

1. Low blood pressure

We know dialysis is used to help kidney failure patients to remove wastes in blood. During this process, large amounts of fluid will be removed from blood vessels, which can lead to decrease of blood pressure. Leg cramps occurs when blood pressure is lowered quickly.

2. Rapid sodium removal

Almost all the kidney failure patients have problem of elevated sodium level. Dialysis helps to solve this problem as it can bring excess sodium away while filtering blood. Dialysis is helpful, but leg cramp may occur due to rapid sodium removal.

3. Low potassium level

Leg cramp my also appear as a clinical manifestation of low potassium level in some cases of dialysis. For this reason, noticing potassium level in blood is very essential for dialysis patients.

4. Inaccurate fluid removal goal

Inaccurate fluid removal is another cause of leg cramp for dialysis patients. To avoid this problem, patients need to talk with doctors carefully and know well about the accurate target weight and fluid removal target.

How to treat leg cramp in dialysis?

For dialysis patients, if leg cramp occurs after dialysis, they need to talk with their doctors about this problem, and then found out the root cause of it. Only in this way, can we take the right measures to deal with this problem.

Besides, if leg cramp occurs during dialysis, and it becomes extremely severe, you may need to stop dialysis. Also, remember to adjust your fluid and sodium restrictions every day. Maintaining a balance between your dry weight and fluid gains. All these will help to lower your risk for leg cramp in your following dialysis.

Last but not least, leg cramp is just one of the complications of dialysis and generally speaking, the longer time that patients do dialysis, the more likely that they suffer from leg cramp. In this light, improving kidney condition to get off dialysis or reduce dialysis frequency will be of great clinical significance for dialysis patients to get far away from leg cramp.

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