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What Are Complications of Kidney Dialysis

2013-08-14 09:02

What Are Complications of Kidney DialysisIt is necessary for people who are looking into dialysis to learn about its complications in advance so that they can make thorough preparations. Complications of kidney dialysis vary from case to case, as it closely related to patients’ specific illness condition and physical condition. Here we will introduce the most commonly seen complications of kidney dialysis. If there is not the one that you want to learn more, you can leave us message to: We will reply you and offer you the related information with 48 hours. Hope this service is helpful for you.

The most common complications of kidney dialysis go as follow:

1. Infection

Infection is not only common in hemodialysis, but also common in peritoneal dialysis. It is the one of the most dominant complications of kidney dialysis. Great care must be taken during the process of filling, dwelling, and draining dialysis solution to lower this risk. (Leave message to to get detailed information about management of infection in dialysis)

2. Low blood pressure

In kidney dialysis, low blood pressure is usually attributable to removal of too much weight, taking of antihypertensive pills before dialysis, heart disease and septicemia. Thereby, timely prevention towards these conditions is essential for dialysis to avoid low blood pressure.

3. Headache

Headache is a torturous complication of kidney dialysis, and it may occur as a result of different conditions like hypertension, inaccurate dry weight with too much fluid removed, rapid fluid or electrolyte shift and nervous tension and so on.

4. Tiredness

Many kidney dialysis complain they become extremely tired after dialysis. Why is this? During dialysis, what they need to do is to lie on the bed, the why they still feel tired? In medicine, tiredness is thought to be caused by a combination of the loss of normal kidney function, effects that dialysis can have on the body, dietary restrictions associated with dialysis, the overall stress and anxiety that many people with kidney failure experience.

5. Muscle cramp

For kidney dialysis patients, muscle cramp occurs easily in extremities and occurrence of it is closely related with removal of large amounts of fluid, changes in electrolytes and inaccurate fluid removal goal. (Talk with on-line doctor about the proper solution for muscle cramp in kidney dialysis)

Kidney dialysis helps patients purify blood and prolong life span, but disappointedly, it is not an ideal solution. While helping kidney failure patients, it can cause various complications. The above are the several common complications of kidney dialysis, if you are interested in this topic and want to learn more, please contact us directly.

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