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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

What Else Can be Done to Reduce Creatinine 596 without Dialysis

Hi, my father has been told he has creatinine of 596 and that he needs dialysis but he has refused to have it what else can be done to reduce the creatinine without the dialysis, please help. This is a message left by son of a patient. If y...Read More

How Can I Control Cramps During Dialysis

At present, Dialysis is often suggested for kidney failure people. At some point, dialysis can benefit patients, at the same time, it also makes patients suffer from a series of adverse effects. Muscle cramps is the most common one, which m...Read More

Is There Any Chance to Live Well for Kidney Failure Patients Who Can not Bear Dialysis

Dialysis is commonly used for kidney failure patients to live better, however, due to various reasons, most of patients are unwilling to do dialysis. For those who do not want to have dialysis, is there any chance for them to sustain life?...Read More

Can Muscle Cramping be Prevented during Dialysis

As everyone knows that dialysis is life-sustaining treatment, however, they also know that dialysis makes them experience a lot of sufferings, the most common one is muscle cramping. Therefore, patients are wondering that can muscle crampin...Read More

What Medication Should I Take Aside from Dialysis if Creatinine is 6.7

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients. If their creatinine level is very high and they do not do dialysis, they are bound to experience some severe symptoms and complications. Thereby, patients are eager t...Read More

What Treatment is Requested for Kidney Failure not Wanting Dialysis

 Dialysis may be suggested for you when your kidney does not function well enough. However, for someone who do not want to do dialysis, what treatments could they receive? If you also do not want to have dialysis, please send us your con...Read More

How Can I Come off Dialysis with Kidney Failure and Poor Appetite

Dialysis is a common method to excrete various toxins and wastes out of body so as to alleviate some poisoning symptoms and avoid some complications. However, dialysis is not a perfect enough to solve all problems, you are bound to suffer f...Read More

How Can We Go Ahead to Protect Kidney Further without Dialysis

In general, dialysis is used to excrete various toxins and wastes products out of body, thus alleviating some poisoning symptoms. Recently, more and more patients are trying to protect kidney without dialysis. Is there a treatment to help p...Read More

Is Dialysis a Way to Slow Down Illness Procedure

Dialysis is commonly used in kidney failure patients to slow down illness progression and prevent further damage as much as possible. While, is dialysis really a way to help patients slow down illness progression ? As a matter of fact, dial...Read More

Is It Possible to Bring Creatinine 6.3 Down without Doing Dialysis

Creatinine 6.3 is already at the stage that patients are suggested with dialysis. In Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital, there is another way for patients reduce creatinine 6.3 without doing dialysis. Here, what kind of treatments help pa...Read More

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