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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

How Can I Remove from Dialysis

Although dialysis is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients, it also makes patients suffer from a series of discomforts. Worse still, it is commonly be...Read More

The Suggestions for Not Urination on Dialysis

Stopping urinating is commonly experienced in dialysis patients. No urinating means that you have no kidney function at all. Therefore, you had better receive t...Read More

Can We Reverse Kidney Failure Instead of Dialysis

Since kidney failure makes patients suffer from ta lot of discomforts, a lot of people are trying to reverse it and dialysis is commonly used in kidney failure ...Read More

Can Dialysis be Prevented Further Through Chinese Treatment

Nowadays, more and more people realized that dialysis is not the best treatment for kidney failure patients. Instead of slowing down illness progression, it mak...Read More

How Can I Access the Natural Treatments to Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is a procedure which excretes various toxins and wastes products out of body. In the meanwhile, it also makes patients experience a series of adverse e...Read More

Is Dialysis Safe for A Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 3.25

Creatinine 3.25 is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients and they may suffer from a series of symptoms and discomforts. Furthermore, dialysis is also ...Read More

How Can I Reduce Creatinine 8.3 without Dialysis

High creatinine level is a common sign in kidney failure patients. Patients with high creatinine level are always suffering from various discomforts. And dialys...Read More

Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure be Reversed to Avoid Kidney Dialysis

Stage 4 kidney failure is a stage in which patients are suggested to prepare for dialysis. However, due to various reasons, more and more patients are unwilling...Read More

Is There Other Option to Treat Kidney Failure Aside from Dialysis

Is there other option to treat kidney failure aside from dialysis ? We got asked this question a lot by many patients. Do you have this kind of questions? If so...Read More

GFR 16 with PKD, When Would You Recommend Dialysis

In western medical filed, it seems that dialysis is the only option for patients to deal with kidney disease problems. But, this is wrong. Therefore, they are a...Read More

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