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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

How Can I Reduce Creatinine 8.3 without Dialysis

High creatinine level is a common sign in kidney failure patients. Patients with high creatinine level are always suffering from various discomforts. And dialysis is also commonly suggested for patients to reduce high creatinine level. Ther...Read More

Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure be Reversed to Avoid Kidney Dialysis

Stage 4 kidney failure is a stage in which patients are suggested to prepare for dialysis. However, due to various reasons, more and more patients are unwilling to do dialysis, therefore, patients are eager to know can stage 4 kidney failur...Read More

Is There Other Option to Treat Kidney Failure Aside from Dialysis

Is there other option to treat kidney failure aside from dialysis ? We got asked this question a lot by many patients. Do you have this kind of questions? If so, please send your present condition to WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203537. T...Read More

GFR 16 with PKD, When Would You Recommend Dialysis

In western medical filed, it seems that dialysis is the only option for patients to deal with kidney disease problems. But, this is wrong. Therefore, they are asking that when dialysis is recommended for PKD patients with GFR 16? First of a...Read More

Which Treatments are the Best for Dialysis Patients

Although dialysis can benefit patient, at some point, it also makes patients experience a lot of adverse effects and decreases your urine output. Worse still, it affects your life quality. Therefore, patients are eager to know which treatme...Read More

Any Treatment is Available to Recover Diseased Kidney without Dialysis

Is there any treatment to recover diseased kidney without dialysis? Now, we got asked a lot this kind of question by most of patients. If you also have this kind of question, please send your present condition and phone number to kidneyfail...Read More

What Type of Treatments are Required to Avoid Dialysis

Although dialysis is commonly applied in kidney failure, it makes patients suffer from a series of adverse effects that affect patients life quality or even threat your life. Thereby, patients are eager to know what types of treatments are...Read More

What is the Renal Treatment to Avoid Dialysis in China Hospital

Nowadays, more and more people realized that dialysis is no longer the only option for patients. While, what is the renal treatment to avoid dialysis in China hospital? In China, natural treatments have been widely used for its remarkable f...Read More

Is There Any Other Way Aside of Dialysis

Dialysis is a way of helping patients excrete various toxins and wastes products out of body so as to alleviate some poisoning symptoms and avoid some complications. However, dialysis also makes patients suffer from a series of adverse effe...Read More

Can We Stop Dialysis Permanent with Chinese Medicine

Dialysis is commonly used in kidney failure patients, which helps to slow down illness progression and prevent further damage as much as possible. However, most of patients suffer from its adverse effects, therefore, they are eager to know...Read More

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