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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

Is There Any Other Treatment Other Than Dialysis to Keep Kidney Healthy

Clinically, dialysis is a treatment to help patients slow down illness progression. In the meanwhile, it also makes patients go through many adverse effects which decreases patients life quality. Because of this, patients have irresistible...Read More

Is a Patient with Shrunk Kidney Advised to Go for Dialysis

Dialysis is a process for removing various toxins out of body and is used as artificial kidney to eliminate various toxins and wastes out of body. shrunk kidney means that several kidney cells and tissues are scarred and damaged. While, is...Read More

Is There Any Alternative or Natural Way to Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is commonly used in kidney failure patients to help them alleviate some poisoning symptoms as well as complications. However, dialysis also makes patients go through many adverse effects which decreases patients life expectancy sev...Read More

Available ways to Help Patients Stay off Dialysis

I am a patient on dialysis and I hate it. I am trying to find ways to stay off it. Can you help me. This is a message left by a dialysis patient who has dialysis for about half a year. If you are on dialysis and you are trying ways to get o...Read More

Is Dialysis the Only Way for Diabetic with Creatinine 7.7

It is commonly believed that dialysis is a common treatment option used in patients with kidney failure but it is no longer the only way to treat kidney disease. Now, this article will explain it in details. Creatinine 7.7 refers to that yo...Read More

Is There Any Alternative Treatment to Reduce Creatinine 870 Aside from Dialysis

In clinical, creatinine 870 is the stage where patients need to take dialysis to excrete various toxins and wastes, thus reducing the increased creatinine level. However, dialysis is not the perfect treatment to help patients reduce high cr...Read More

Can Patients with Creatinine 11.7 Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is a illness condition to clear away various toxins and wastes products out of body thus alleviating some clinical symptoms and complications. However, dialysis also makes patients experience many adverse effects, because of this,...Read More

What is the Life Expectancy with Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis is a process for removing various wastes and toxins out of body and it is used as an artificial kidney for lost kidney function in people with kidney failure. Therefore, patients are wondering that what is the life expectancy with...Read More

Ways to Keep FSGS Patients with Creatinine 9.7 out of Dialysis

FSGS is a disorder in kidney in which the glomeruli is damaged and only a part of glomeruli is involved in. Patients with FSGS suffer from high creatinine level easily when there is something wrong with glomeruli. Although dialysis is used...Read More

What Percentage of Kidney Function Should Put Patient on Dialysis

Dialysis would be recommended for patients when their illness condition is progressed into a certain stage. While, when should patients start dialysis concerns patients a lot, now, this article will help you learn more about it. Dialysis is...Read More

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