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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

Can Patients Have Cream Cheese on Dialysis Diet

A reasonable dialysis diet is expected to make sure the quality of life will not be discounted further. However, can patients have cream cheese on dialysis diet? Follow us to find the answer and we do believe you can be benefited from the f...Read More

Why Do Dialysis Patients Have Weak Legs

Though dialysis is commonly used in the clinic to help patients maintain their lives to a certain degree, there are some side effects happening to patients. Weak legs can be one of them. If you care about this topic, follow us to learn abou...Read More

Does Creatinine 8.5 in Kidney Failure Need Dialysis

I am a patient with kidney failure. Recently I did a blood test and my creatinine level goes up to 8.5. My doctor recommended me to do dialysis. Does creatinine 8.5 in kidney failure need dialysis? I am glad to receive your email . Your cre...Read More

Can People Live A Long Life with Dialysis

Dialysis is a common treatment for people with Chronic Kidney Failure in many countries. However, can people live a long life with dialysis? Will dialysis really help patients? Follow us to learn more about dialysis. Some related materials...Read More

Can Dialysis Patients Eat Popcorn

When kidney disease patients are on dialysis, it is vital that they control the amount of protein, sodium, fluid, potassium, phosphorus and calories that they eat or drink. However, can dialysis patients eat popcorn? Follow us to find the a...Read More

How Long Can You Live with Lupus and Dialysis

Lupus, a common autoimmune disease, is likely to damage many organs including kidneys. Lupus Nephritis is a common complication of lupus. If the condition can not be controlled well, it will develop Chronic Kidney Failure after different ye...Read More

Apart from Dialysis, Other Ways to Cleanse Blood

We will never really understand what dialysis is all about to kidney disease patients. In many countries, patients have to choose dialysis treatment as their kidneys are unable to work normally. However, in addition to dialysis, whether are...Read More

What Is Alternative Method for Dialysis Patients

What is the alternative method for dialysis patients? Nowadays, dialysis is no longer the only choice for patients with Chronic Kidney Failure. What is more, more and more patients decide to stop dialysis treatment. However, can they? How s...Read More

Is Senna Okay for Dialysis Patient

Is senna okay for dialysis patient? Dialysis treatment is used to replace kidney function after kidney failure. It cleanses the blood of waste products, help manage electrolyte balance and remove excess fluid from the body. However, dialysi...Read More

Urine Output on Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

As a patient with Chronic Kidney Failure, if you have been on dialysis treatment, then follow us to learn more about the urine output on dialysis treatment, and we do believe that you can be benefited here. Urine output on dialysis for Kidn...Read More

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