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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

Do I Need Dialysis with Creatinine 6.8

Questions: I am lucky to find Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital on the website. I am a patient with stage 4 kidney disease and now my creatinine is elevated to 6.8mg/dl. My doctor suggested me to do Dialysis. I want to know that do I nee...Read More

Is Dialysis Helpful to Poor Appetite

Many kidney patients will experience poor appetite with the development of kidney disease. When kidney failure comes, the feeling of poor appetite will be more obvious. Then is dialysis helpful to poor appetite? As we all know, kidneys are...Read More

Why does High Creatinine Level Reoccur after Dialysis

Dialysis is considered to be able to lower high creatinine level. But someone also suffer from high creatinine level after dialysis. Why does high creatinine reoccur after dialysis? Dialysis is regarded as an artificial kidney, which aims a...Read More

Why Do I Experience Tiredness after Dialysis

As we all know, dialysis is a replacement treatment for kidney disease, especially kidney failure. But dialysis can also bring a series of discomforts. Many patients will feel more tired after dialysis. Why do you experience tiredness after...Read More

Can Dialysis Relieve Itchy Skin

Many people will carry on dialysis when kidney disease progresses into kidney failure to relive some symptoms. Itchy skin is one of the common symptoms in Chronic Kidney Failure. Can dialysis relieve itchy skin? What are the causes of itchy...Read More

Limit Water Intake after Dialysis

Patients are often required to limit water intake after dialysis. Then why should dialysis patients limit water intake? Dialysis is usually used to patients whose disease have already developed into kidney failure. In kidney failure, kidney...Read More

How to Relieve Muscle Cramps during Dialysis

Muscle cramps happens frequently during dialysis. It is painful and sometimes dialysis has to be stopped to some serious extent. Then how does muscle cramps occur during dialysis? How to relieve muscle cramps during dialysis? It is reported...Read More

How to Treat Anemia in Dialysis Patients

Anemia is one of the symptoms of kidney disease. It worsens with the progress of the disease. Dialysis will further deteriorate anemia. Then how to treat anemia in dialysis patients? First of all, I think it is necessary for you to get a ge...Read More

Causes of Nausea and Vomit in Dialysis Patients

It is known to all that dialysis is the replacement treatment for patients with kidney disease, especially with kidney failure. But at the same time, it will bring patients a series of side-effects. Nausea and vomit are the common ones. Wha...Read More

Why Do Dialysis Patients Need to Limit Fluid Intake

For people on dialysis, they are usually recommended to limit fluid intake strictly. Then, why? In advanced stage of kidney disease(mostly ESRD), about 85-90% kidney function have been lost. Then, metabolic disorders and excess fluid will b...Read More

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