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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

Can A Dialysis Patient Eat Fish

Dialysis can help clear some waste and fluid. Eating right can help make less waste build up in your blood, which makes you feel better and keeps you healthier. However, can a dialysis patient eat fish? Now follow us to find the answer. The...Read More

Natural Herbs for People on Dialysis

Dialysis is a common treatment for patients with kidney disease, especially when condition develops kidney failure. In the following content, we will talk about the natural herbs for people on dialysis, and we hope it could help manage your...Read More

Why Does Patients with ESRD caused by Diabetes Need Dialysis Earlier

In general, patients with ESRD caused by diabetes will experience dialysis treatment earlier than those patients with ESRD caused by other conditions. Now follow us to find the reason and some other useful information for ESRD patients. Dia...Read More

When Should Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Start Dialysis treatment

When should chronic kidney failure patients start dialysis treatment? In the following content, we will help you find the answer. Also we will help those patients who do not want to take dialysis find other treatments for chronic kidney fai...Read More

Why Headache Appears after Dialysis

Patients with uremia generally use dialysis to treat their kidney diseases, but most of them often have symptoms like headache or nausea after dialysis, so why headache appears after dialysis among patients is concerned by more and more peo...Read More

How Long can You Live after Dialysis

Dialysis is the most common treatment of uremia, but how long can they live after dialysis is concerned by many patients. If you only receive dialysis but without any other treatments, it is more likely to live one year, two years or three...Read More

How to Stop Dialysis?

Many people ask the question that how long can I live with dialysis. In my opinion, it all depends. According to the clinical study, the dialysis is the last step to treat kidney disease, because at this stage, patients with kidney disease...Read More

What Foods to Be Taken after Dialysis

At present, more and more patients are concerned about what foods to be taken after dialysis. Because some phenomenon such as water retention and hyperkalemia are commonly seen to the patients who have dialyzed, which due to the unreasonabl...Read More

The Side Effects of Dialysis

If your kidneys dont function well due to serious kidney diseases compared with the normal, your doctor may recommend dialysis. Dialysis is a form of treatment in which excess waste and fluid is removed from your body when your kidney is un...Read More

How to Stop Dialysis for Chronic Kidney Failure Patients

Once dialysis treatment is started, is it possible to stop dialysis? It is such a question cared about by chronic kidney failure patients. Now please follow us to learn more about dialysis and chronic kidney failure. Firstly, we have to say...Read More

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