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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

What Are Complications of Kidney Dialysis

It is necessary for people who are looking into dialysis to learn about its complications in advance so that they can make thorough preparations. Complications of kidney dialysis vary from case to case, as it closely related to patients spe...Read More

Leg Cramps During Dialysis

Muscle cramp is a common complain among dialysis patients. It occurs easily in extremities, especially legs, and may appear as a result of different conditions. Since leg cramp is very common and can occur anytime in dialysis, here we will...Read More

What Causes Seizures in Dialysis Patients

It is a common symptom that patients suffer from seizure in dialysis. Seizures often occur during dialysis or shortly after the dialysis procedure. Seizures are symptoms of brain problem, and they are caused by sudden, abnormal electrical a...Read More

Headache And Nausea During Dialysis

Headache and nausea are the two common complains among dialysis patients? They are torturous and affect patients life quality directly. Well, why patients have these discomforts during or after dialysis? Will dialysis patients suffer other...Read More

Is Stopping Dialysis Painful

Is stopping dialysis painful? Dialysis indeed helps a lot in treating renal failure, but it is torturous for one to undergo such a process regularly. Therefore, many renal failure patients have the idea of stopping dialysis when they feel i...Read More

Why Dialysis Patients Feel Cold And Chill In Treatment

Why dialysis patients feel cold and chill in treatment? It is common or kinda of normal for people to feel a little cold during dialysis due to the cold dialyzate. However, in some cases, patients may feel extremely cold during or after dia...Read More

How Long Can A Person Live On Dialysis

How long can a person live on dialysis? Dialysis ism life-threatening to some extent, but life-saving seeing from another angle. Therefore, many people with completely failed kidneys have to start dialysis, even though it is torturous. Dial...Read More

Muscle Weakness In Dialysis Patients

Muscle weakness is a common complain among dialysis patients. Why is this? In this text, we will give an introduction about the several causes of muscle weakness in dialysis patients. For dialysis patients, muscle weakness may be contributa...Read More

Natural Remedies For Constipation In Dialysis

Kidney failure patients with dialysis run a high risk for constipation which affects their life seriously. Here, we will introduce several natural remedies for constipation in dialysis and hope it is helpful. In addition, if these natural r...Read More

Dialysis For End Stage Renal Disease

When it comes to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), dialysis is one thing that we have to mention and this is because dialysis is deeply believed to be the only option for End Stage Renal Disease patients who can not find a proper donor. Dialy...Read More

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