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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

How to Increase Urine Output for People on Dialysis

How to increase urine output for people on dialysis? Quite a number of people relying on dialysis to live are faced with this question, because their kidneys usually cant make enough urine to remove wastes and toxins from the body. Fully fu...Read More

Will Dialysis Patients Feel Extremely Cold

Cold feeling is very common among kidney dialysis patients and some patients even feel freezing cold, therefore it is necessary for us to address this issue to explain why dialysis patients feel cold and how to ease this cold feelings. Duri...Read More

Causes and Treatment of Pruritus in Dialysis

Pruritus is the most unpleasant change in skin after kidney failure patients start dialysis. Learning why the causes and treatment of pruritus in dialysis will help kidney failure patients live a better life. The following content is the de...Read More

How to Remit Bone Pain for People on Dialysis

Regardless of which drug or any drug is taken, people on dialysis have a higher incidence of bone pain as well as joint pain, so finding out how to remit bone pain for people on dialysis become the problem urgently needed to slove....Read More

What Causes Itching in Dialysis Patients

What causes itching in dialysis patients? A majority of dialysis patients notice that they experience skin itching. Some of them feel itchy all the time, while others may complain their skin itches more severely during or just after dialysis...Read More

High Creatinine Level and Dialysis

Many people with advanced kidney disease try to depend on dialysis to lower their high creatinine level. In most cases, dialysis, a kidney replacement therapy, indeed can reduce elevated creatinine level. However, in some cases, it fails to...Read More

Will Dialysis Cure Kidney Failure

Can dialysis cure kidney failure? This question is usually posed by people who are newly diagnosed with kidney failure. Kidney is one of the important organs with various function. Once being diagnosed with kidney failure, patients need to...Read More

How Does Dialysis Help Kidney Failure

It is widely known that dialysis will be required by kidney failure patients to sustain their life when illness condition deteriorates to a certain stage. However, many kidney disease sufferers have no ideal about how dialysis helps kidney...Read More

Colon Dialysis For Creatinine 918 And Urea 27

For kidney failure patient with high creatinine of 918 and urea 27, dialysis is required to help remove excess wastes and toxins in the body so as to help purify the blood, sustain the patients life. Kidney failure patients are very familia...Read More

New Developments Help People with Kidney Failure Avoid Dialysis

People with kidney disease especially end-stage kidney failure are always concerned the new development that can help people with kidney failure avoid dialysis, because long-term dialysis easily makes patients to experience many sufferings....Read More

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