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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

How to Treat Diarrhea for Patients on Dialysis

Some patients on dialysis complain that they are suffering from diarrhea between two dialysis treatments so that they are eager to find out how to treat diarrhea for patients on dialysis....Read More

How Long Can Renal Failure Patients Live without Dialysis

Most of patients with renal failure have already undergone dialysis. However, faced with side effects, some of they would like to decide not to continue dialysis any more. How long can renal failure patients live without dialysis?...Read More

Why Are People on Dialysis at Risk of Osteoporosis

Why are people on dialysis at risk of osteoporosis? It is found that many patients undergoing dialysis are more likely to suffer from this disorder that leads to an increased risk of fracture and affects these patients basic life largely. T...Read More

What Are Side Effects of Kidney Dialysis

With a sufficient dialysis, patients’ life expectancy can be prolonged. However, kidney dialysis can cause some side effects in short time or in long term. Knowing the side effects of kidney dialysis is able to help patients control them ...Read More

How to Treat Muscle Cramps for People on Dialysis

Clinical researches reveal that the incidence of muscle cramps on dialysis is about 10%-15%. This uneasy sensation makes sufferers urgently to find how to treat muscle cramps for people on dialysis....Read More

Why Dialysis Patients Have Vomiting And Nausea

Dialysis is one important renal replacement therapy for removing metabolic wastes and toxins, relieving symptoms, improving life quality and prolonging life expectancy. However it is not rare that some kidney disease patients will have naus...Read More

What Happens If One Stops Kidney Dialysis

Kidney dialysis is a life-sustaining medical method for End Stage Kidney Failure patients. It can not repair kidney damages and improve kidney function, so once start dialysis, patients need to do it regularly. Kidney dialysis is helpful, b...Read More

What Is the Prognosis of Kidney Dialysis

If you are a kidney failure patient who will start dialysis soon, you must be wondering the prognosis of kidney dialysis. Actually, the prognosis of kidney dialysis is greatly different from individual to individual and it depends on many f...Read More

What Are the Common Side Effects of Dialysis with Kidney Failure

Side effects of kidney dialysis are also life-threatening, so it is of great importance for kidney failure patients who are planing to start dialysis to learn the common side effects of kidney dialysis in advance. The followings are the com...Read More

Dialysis And Low Blood Pressure

Dialysis especially hemodialysis is one of the important treatments for end stage renal failure patients. Adequate dialysis can not only prolong the patients life expectancy but also can improve the patients nutritional states and life qual...Read More

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