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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

How Does Dialysis Cure Kidney Failure

Dialysis is an important and in some cases necessary treatment for kidney failure patients. It functions as an artificial kidney to replace parts of lost kidney...Read More

Life Expectancy For Patients On Renal Dialysis

Though dialysis can help lower high creatinine, remove excessive metabolic wastes out of the blood and sustain life span for many end stage renal disease patien...Read More

Causes and Treatment for Leg Pain after Dialysis

Many renal failure patients suffer from sever leg pain and leg acids after starting dialysis therapy, is this one complication of dialysis or there are other ca...Read More

When to Start Dialysis with Renal Failure

Dialysis is one important renal replacement therapy for renal failure patients. Usually when the illness condition enters into stage 4 patients will begin to pr...Read More

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