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Dialysis And Kidney Disease

Dialysis treatment information mainly includes what dialysis is, its side effects, complications, diet& nutrition, management, etc.

Can Creatinine 7 Avoid Dialysis with Toxins-Removing Treatment

Generally speaking, creatinine 7 is already at stage 4 kidney failure which is at second stage of advanced stage of renal disease. And dialysis is usually suggested for patients to reduce the elevated creatinine level. Recently, a patient w...Read More

What are the Natural Alternatives Over Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

In western medical filed, dialysis is commonly used in patients with kidney failure. To some extent, it helps patients excrete wastes products and toxic substances, thus alleviating some poisoning symptoms. While, dialysis also makes patien...Read More

What is the Creatinine Value Which Requires Dialysis

In western medical filed, dialysis is commonly use in patients with kidney disease. Some people believe that dialysis can help them reduce the elevated creatinine level and live a better life. Someone argue that dialysis is a miserable expe...Read More

Does Creatinine 6.3 with Kidney Failure Need Dialysis

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure patients to reduce high creatinine level, so as to relive some poisoning symptoms. Recently, more and more patients are trying to avoid dialysis due to various factors, such as fatigue, musc...Read More

Should Creatinine 325 Start Dialysis

Generally speaking, dialysis is commonly experienced in patients with kidney disease, it is used to excrete wastes products and toxins, so as to reduce high creatinine level. Recently, patients are wondering that should creatinine 325 start...Read More

Can Creatinine 5.3 Avoid Dialysis with Chinese Medicine

Recently, we got asked that can creatinine 5.3 avoid dialysis by several patients. Do you have this kind of doubt, if so, please do not worry too much about. We will try our best to help you. If you also want to know more details about this...Read More

Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Live off Dialysis in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Dialysis is commonly used in patients with advanced stage of renal failure. However, patients also suffer from many adverse effects with dialysis, such as anemia, headache, fatigue, muscle cramping. Therefore, patients are wondering that ca...Read More

Can Creatinine 19.6 and BUN 150 be Corrected without Dialysis

Although dialysis is commonly used in treating kidney failure, it often makes patients experience lots of adverse effects, such as fatigue, headache, muscle cramping. Thereby, patients are wondering that can creatinine 19.6 and BUN 150 be c...Read More

What I Could Do to Improve Kidney Function without Doing Dialysis

Recently, more and more patients are wondering that how can they improve kidney function without doing dialysis. Do you also have this kind of doubt ? Please click here or add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203537 to know more details. As a...Read More

Can 10% Kidney Function be Treated without Doing Dialysis

In western medical filed, dialysis is a commonly used to deal with kidney disease problem. Due to various factors, more and more patients are unwilling to do dialysis, recently a patient is wondering that can 10% kidney function be treated...Read More

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