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Life Expectancy for Renal Failure on Dialysis

2013-01-17 16:52

Renal failure is the end stage of various kidney disease and dialysis means that there are less than 15% kidney functions. As for the exact life expectancy for specific renal failure patient on dialysis, there is no straight answer because many other factors need to be taken into account besides measuring their serum creatinine level, GFR and kidney functions such as comorbid diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, the patient’ age, underlying cause of renal failure, how long has dialysis be taken, 24-h urine volume, etc.

But generally speaking, the annual mortality rate for renal failure patients on dialysis is about 22% and the average life expectancy for renal dialysis patients is less than 5 years.

Actually patients should not only focus on their renal failure because most renal failure did not die of failed kidney but other complications. Cardio-cerebrovascular complication is the number one cause of death in renal failure patients. Timely and effective controlling of high blood pressure and high blood sugar is very necessary and important for slowing down illness progression and reducing the risk of cardio-cerebrovascular complications so as to much lower the mortality of renal failure.

Well preventing and controlling of complications of dialysis can help improve life quality and prolong life expectancy. Some severe complications that might be caused by dialysis include infection, anemia, bleeding, low blood pressure, seizure, etc.

The following are some tips for extending the life expectancy for renal failure patients that have begun dialysis.

Beneficial foods

Hawthorn can promote blood circulation and increase blood flow to kidneys; it can reduce cholesterol and regulate high or low blood pressure; it can also improve heart functions

Olive leaf can lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases; it can also help treat various infections due to renal failure or dialysis.

Beneficial exercises

Proper and regular physical exercises when patients are in remission. Exercises have a lot of benefits for renal failure patients---improving appetite, alleviating stress and negative emotions, enhancing physical fitness, improving disease-resistance and enhancing immunity.

The following are some recommended exercises for renal failure patients---walking, bicycling, gardening, swimming, tai chi, qi gong, etc.

You can choose suitable exercises according to your interest and illness conditions. Remember not to make yourself too tired!

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