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Can I Have Parsley with ESRD

2014-02-11 19:17

People diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) are usually suggested to take effective treatments early and follow a scientific diet. Well, can they have parsley?

Can I Have Parsley with ESRD As a popular herb, parsley is loaded in chlorophyll, vitamin C, folic acid and iron. Besides, it has contents of calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and so on.

Frankly speaking, parsley can benefit ESRD patients in the following aspects:

Alleviate anemia In ESRD, due to decline of kidney function, a number of symptoms including anemia may come into being. And patients can feel fatigue, dizziness easily. Studies have shown that high content of chlorophyll within this herb can help produce blood. Besides, the iron content can also help alleviate anemia effectively.

Help treat urinary tract disorders It has been testified that substances present in parsley can help excrete toxins from the body by urination. In this way, it can help prevent kidney stones and some urinary tract disorders.

Cardiovascular health The folic acid in parsley can help the arteries to relax and lower the risks of heart attack. In this way, it can help cardiovascular disease remarkably. Besides, drinking parsley juice can also help prevent atherosclerosis to a a certain degree.

Boost immunity High content of vitamin C and the immune-enhancing substances in parsley make it an significant factor to strengthen the immune system.

What is the appropriate method to have parsley?

Experts in this field at our center point out that the most effective way to enjoy the benefits is to taking parsley juice. However, this does not mean ESRD patients can drink it casually. For more info, you are welcomed to email click our Free Help immediately.

Even if parsley can benefit ESRD patients a lot, this herb alone is not enough. And the best way is to seek for effective treatments early, here, Hot Compress Therapy can be a good choice. As it can not only help relive symptoms like anemia, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, etc, but also improve kidney function radically.

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