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Is Kidney Transplantation the Last Choice for End-Stage Kidney Failure

2014-03-14 01:19

Kidney transplantation is considered to be the last choice for end-stage kidney failure. Is that so? Let’s talk about this question together.

In end-stage kidney failure, the remaining kidney function is no more than 15%. In this stage, kidneys are no longer able to maintain the body healthy. Other replacement methods must be applied to sustain life. The most commonly used methods are dialysis and transplantation. Normally, dialysis will be chosen firstly. If dialysis is not able to sustain life, kidney transplantation will be used. But there is also difficulty to do transplantation.

The first thing you should consider is the proper donated kidney. It is not easy to wait for a suitable kidney. Even if you are lucky to have one proper kidney, you’ll also face a lot of troubles after transplantation. One of the most serious troubles is the rejection reaction, which may occur right after transplantation or several months later.

Another problem is the complications. Among all the complications, infection is most troublesome. About 80% kidney patients will be attacked by infection after transplantation. It is the important contributor to death.

Is there any other choice for end-stage kidney failure other than transplantation? Of course there is. Have you heard of Chinese medicine, which has a history for more than 2 thousands years. Here is a therapy, developed from the traditional Chinese medicine, called Hot Compress Therapy. It is a better choice for patients with end-stage kidney failure. Being externally used, this therapy is more safe and effective. The damaged kidney cells can be repaired when the active herbal ingredients get kidney lesions with the help of an osmosis device. After taking it several times, the kidney function will be greatly improved.

Compared with transplantation, hot compress therapy is more convenient and safe. It does not need surgery and there is no side-effects either. If you are interested in this therapy, you can send me an email to for detailed consultation.

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