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Is End-Stage Renal Disease with Creatinine 11 a Sign of Death

2014-03-23 10:27

Are you trouble by end-stage renal disease? Do you worry that end-stage renal disease with creatinine 11 is a sign of death? Follow me to find the answers!

End-stage renal disease is regarded as the last stage of kidney disease. The kidney functions are greatly declined when disease develops into this stage. Less than 15% kidney functions are not able to support kidneys to perform their jobs normally and keep our body health. High creatinine is a reflector of kidney functions to some extent. But is end-stage renal disease with creatinine 11 a sign of death? Is there no effective treatment for this condition?

Maybe you are now doing dialysis, or you are waiting for a kidney transplantation or you are a transplantation patient. Even so, you are not content to your illness condition. But you can not find a way to improve your condition, right? Do not be afraid. Do not be upset. There is no desperate situation. Solutions always exist.

Here I offer you a different treatment. It is called Hot Compress Therapy, which is a natural treatment developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Being externally used, it has successfully avoided the bitter taste and slow effects of the traditional orally taken herbs. But the herbs is still the core of hot compress therapy. With the help of an osmosis device, the herbs will be permeated into kidney lesions. The herbs will be put on the Sheshu acupoints, through where the herbs will take effect on kidneys.

The herbs can eliminate the toxins and recover the orginal qi. Thus the creatinine and other pathogenic factors will be discharged and the kidney function will be improved. Your urine output will be increased and anemia as well as other symptoms will be relieved a lot after taking this therapy for a period of time. You can live well and continue enjoying your life with this therapy. End-stage renal disease with creatinine 11 is definitely not the sign of death. If you are interested to this therapy and want to save your life, you can send an email to for a consultation. I will try my best to help you! Cheer up and go on your life!

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