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What Treatments Can Take Effect on the Patients with No Kidney Function

2014-07-26 16:17

What treatments can take effect on the patients with no kidney function? Many patients suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease concern this question. It is very dangerous for the patients with no kidney function, because it may threaten the patients’ life at any time.

In general, kidney transplant and dialysis are the common treatments for the patients in serious stage kidney failure, because they can help the patients live a longer time. While, both of them have many and serious complications. Next, we will introduce you a better treatment to prolong your life span and improve your life quality.

Blood purification therapy is a new treatment for hematological diseases. Because every kidney disease can be accompanied by blood pollution, thus purifying blood also can take effect on treating kidney disease. This therapy is divided into six steps that are hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, immune adsorption, plasma exchange, CRRT. Every step aims at different disease condition. For example, hemodialysis can help the patients eliminate the small molecule materials, such as creatinine, BUN, sugar, fluid, etc. Hemofiltration aims at removing medium molecule materials, such as chemicals, bilirubin and so on. Hemoperfusion is used to treat poisoning caused by drugs and poisons. Immune adsorption means that using some absorbent materials to remove the pathogenic factors out from blood to get the purpose of purifying blood. This therapy has higher selectivity in eliminating the harmful substances, so it can avoid the loss of useful substances. Plasma exchange applies to treating autoimmune disease, such as IgA Nephropathy, FSGS. CRRT is the abbreviation of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, and is designed to provide artificial kidney support to patients who could not tolerate traditional hemodialysis. What is more, it can deal with all sized waste molecules in the blood.

Now, you should have a knowledge of Blood purification, we will choose the proper treatments according to your individual condition. We can sure that this therapy can get better effect than traditional dialysis. In order to live a better and longer life as soon as possible, you are recommended to receive the effective treatment. Any other questions, you can send your them to, and we will reply you early. Best wishes!


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