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Best Home Management for Pulmonary Edema and Elevated Blood Pressure in ESRD

2014-08-16 16:56

For the patients with kidney failure, edema is a common symptom, and can involve many body parts, such as feet, legs, hands, face, eyelid and so on. What is worse, for End-Stage Renal Disease patients, they also can suffer from pulmonary edema, besides, and elevated blood pressure also can attack the patients. Next, we will introduce you the best home management for pulmonary edema and elevated blood pressure in ESRD.

Why does the patients with ESRD suffer from pulmonary edema and elevated blood pressure?

For the patients with ESRD, about 90% kidney function have been lost, and the left kidney function can not play a role in maintaining our health. Normally, the kidneys can help us remove out the excess fluid from body and adjust blood pressure. Loss of most of the kidney function will cause excessive fluid building up in body. Pulmonary edema means that fluid accumulates in the space and tissue of lungs, which may cause short of breath and aggravate kidney damage. Damaged kidneys fail to adjust blood pressure and cause elevated blood pressure as well. Thus, we can conclude that the main cause of pulmonary edema and elevated blood pressure for the ESRD patients is the loss of renal function.

What is the best home management for pulmonary edema and elevated blood pressure in ESRD?

The fundamental way to improve kidney function is to repair the damaged kidneys. According to this, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice for you. This therapy is the product of combination of Chinese and western medicine and have broken the situation that kidney disease is difficult to be treated. Through repairing the damaged kidney and recovering the renal function, the symptoms of ESRD will get remitted and the patients will live a better and longer life.

In conclusion, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best home management for pulmonary edema and elevated blood pressure in ESRD. If you are interested in this therapy, you can chat with our online doctors or send an email to, and we will reply you soon. Best wishes!

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