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Innovative Natural Treatments Can Help ESRD Patients Keep Away From Death

2014-08-31 08:57

ESRD, the abbreviation of End-Stage Renal Disease, is the end stage of CKD. So far, there are many people have died of ESRD. In general, for the patients with ESRD, their doctors can recommend them to receive dialysis and kidney transplant, though the two common treatments can help the patients live a longer life, they also can bring great pain for the patients. Here, we will introduce the innovative natural treatments that can help ESRD patients keep away from death.

China is the origin of traditional Chinese Medicine that has a long history. Due to its obvious effect, it is famous throughout the world. Considering that it works slowly, the kidney disease experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine devoted themselves to studying TCM for kidney disease and created some effective natural treatments. Among these treatments, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most popular with the patients with kidney disease. What is more, it is suitable for all ages and stages of patients.

According to clinical applications, this therapy is proved to be convenient, safe and effective. It is used externally on shenshu acupoint, and the micro-Chinese medicine can penetrate into kidneys quickly and effectively. After the medicines getting into kidneys, the blood vessels can be dilated, the immune complexes can be degraded, and the inflammatory factors can be suppressed. Through promoting the blood circulation, repairing the damaged kidney cells and tissues, protecting the residual renal function, it can get the purpose of blocking the kidney fibrosis. Besides, all medicines of this therapy are from natural herbs, and they are rich in nutrients, such as micro-elements, vitamins, organic acid and essential amino-acid, so they can provide the patient’s needs. Except this therapy, our innovative treatments also have Medicated bath therapy, foot bath therapy and so on, we also can choose some of them to be a part of your treatment to help you keep away from death.

In short, the innovative natural treatments can help ESRD patients keep away from death. If you are one of them, you are welcome to try it in order to live a better and longer life. Any questions, you are welcome to leave a message below or send an email to, and we will reply you at first time. Best regards.

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