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Natural Treatment for ESRD Patients with Nausea and Vomiting

2014-09-29 19:10

ESRD means that your kidney disease has come into end stage and patients may suffer from all kinds of symptoms. Kidney is an important organ in our body and once it damaged may influence other systems. So does digestive system. Patients may appear nausea and vomiting. Then is there natural treatment for ESRD patients with nausea and vomiting? The answer is definite!

Due to the damaged Kidney cannot eliminate toxins and metabolite from body, these toxins accumulate in body and stimulate the digestive system. Thus cause nausea and vomiting.

Recently, because of the bad effects of western treatment, more and more people tend to Chinese medicine. We know Chinese medicine has a long history in some worldwide difficult diseases. Because the Chinese medicine all come from natural, patients do not have to worry about the side effects.

TCM therapy is short for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It differs from the traditional oral medicine. This treatment includes seven therapies: Cycle therapy, Steaming therapy, Medical bath, Foot bath, Chinese Medicine Enema, Acupuncture, Oral Chinese Medicine. Each of seven therapies has its own disadvantages and forms the system by itself. Related and complemented to each other, they form an organic stereoscopic system of therapy. With the help of these therapies, all kinds of toxins can be eliminated out of the body, and more important, they can repair the damaged kidney and recover kidney functions.

However, TCM therapy is not used alone. Hemofiltration, Blood Perfusion and Immune Adsorption are also recommended. Dialysis can only clear micromolecule toxins in blood. But has no ides when it comes to middle molecule and macromolecule toxins. However, Hemofiltration, blood perfusion can eliminate the all kinds of toxins and Immune Adsorption can clear immune complex. These blood purification will provide a cleaning blood environment for later treatments. It is a perfect combination of TCM therapy and blood purification.

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