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Why End Stage Renal Disease Causes Skin Itching

2015-07-04 09:28

Why End Stage Renal Disease Causes Skin ItchingEnd Stage Renal Disease is a progressive and irreversible kidney dysfunction which lasts for longer term. And End Stage Renal Disease also leads patients to suffer from a series of symptoms and complications, such as fatigue, headache, high blood pressure as well as skin itching. Why does End Stage Renal Disease cause skin itching? More importantly, how to relive skin itching in End Stage Renal Disease?

Almost all of patients will suffer from skin disorder. These skin and nail chances can occur before or after dialysis or kidney transplantation. The treatment for skin itching not only can improve the life quality, but also can prolong the life expectancy. And what is the causes of skin itching in End Stage Renal Disease? There are several factors can be taken into consideration, including the deposition of toxic substances and extra fluid as well as high phosphorus level in blood.

In case of End Stage Renal Disease, there are millions of toxic substances are being deposited in the body due to the damage in glomerular. When the toxic substances in the body reach to a certain level, they will affect all body systems, including skin system. In addition, one of the kidney’s jobs is to keep electrolyte level into normal range. When the kidneys’ function is decreasing, the ability to keep electrolyte level into normal range is also reducing correspondingly. When there is high phosphorus level in blood vessels, patients are more likely to suffer from skin itching.

Although dialysis and kidney transplant can help patients relive skin itching, they can not solve the problem fundamentally. As for these problems, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital provides patients a new hope to deal with kidney disease. The natural treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is a external application, which makes possible to take the best effects to promote blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. The process of the treatment also provides environment to help the diseased cells and kidney tissues repaired, so as to promote the excretion of toxic substances and extra fluid, keep electrolyte level into normal as well. As a result, skin itching can be relived naturally.

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