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Can End Stage Real Disease Get Rid of Dialysis

2016-03-07 13:59

Can End Stage Real Disease Get Rid of DialysisMany kidney disease patients do not receive the right treatment at proper stage, therefore, it progresses into advanced stage. Besides, more and more patients are experiencing poisoning symptoms caused by the accumulation of wastes products in blood. Therefore, they have to do dialysis to eliminate these wastes products and prevent further damage.

Is dialysis the only way for kidney failure patients ?

The fibrosis of renal function is almost up to 90%, when the kidney damage is developed into end stage renal disease. Because of the decreasing kidney function, lots of wastes products will build up in the body and you are more likely to experience metabolic acidosis. With decreasing kidney function, there is imbalance with water and sodium in your body, which makes you experience heart failure easily. As times goes by, nephrons in glomeruli, renal tubes are getting damage gradually. Besides, the absorption function of renal tubes is also damaged, which allows lots of wastes products and toxic substances to build up in the body. Without effective management, kidney function would be damaged completely, end stage renal disease is the consequence. Out of the accumulation of toxic substances, not only the kidney function would be damaged gradually, but also other important organs, such as heart and liver would be damaged severely. Therefore, dialysis can be a life -supporting treatment to help you save your life.

How does kidney failure patients keep away from dialysis ?

Dialysis is just a replacement of kidney to fulfill the function that the diseased kidney can not achieve and it is used to eliminate lots of wastes products by dialysis machine. However, it can not achieve the function of repairing diseased cells and tissues and stopping renal fibrosis process. Moreover, more times of dialysis will damage the diseased cells and tissues. Therefore, if you want to keep away form dialysis, the most fundamental way is to improve kidney function. Only by this way can you keep away from dialysis fundamentally. By repairing the diseased cells and tissues on the kidneys, the symptoms of high blood pressure and metabolic acidosis can be relived and the symptoms of nausea and vomiting also disappear. As long as the kidney damage is prevented, the frequency of dialysis would be reduced. As time goes, there is great possibility for you to keep away from dialysis. While, you have to notice that whether you can keep away from dialysis or not, it also depends on your overall illness condition, the damage level of your kidney function and urine output. You can send your test report to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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