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How to Prevent ESRD with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2013-04-18 11:02

Stage 4 kidney failure will run to ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) directly if left uncontrolled. Many treatment methods can be applied to deal with Chronic Kidney Failure, but many of them only show temporary treatment effects. Therefore, they are not effective enough for stage 4 kidney failure patients to prevent ESRD.

How to prevent ESRD with stage 4 kidney failure?

Stage 4 kidney failure is a serious illness condition which always bring patients lots of sufferings like nausea, vomiting, itching skin, poor appetite, tiredness, shortness of breath, bad taste in mouth and poor concentration. All these symptoms occur because damaged kidneys fail to discharge toxins in blood. Many medicines can be used to deal with these bothersome symptoms, but they can not removing toxins in blood, so they are not a long-term solution. Also, they can not help stage 4 kidney failure patients prevent ESRD.

To solve problem from root, repairing injured kidney cells to improve kidney function is necessary. For an individual with stage 4 kidney failure, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. These dead kidney cells can not be revived, but for these injured kidney intrinsic cells, they can be repaired and activated to work again. Stage 4 kidney failure progresses to ESRD as more and more kidney tissues are damaged, so when these injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired and perform function again, kidney function gest improved and also ESRD is prevented effectively.

Chinese medicines help stage 4 kidney failure patients prevent ESRD

Chinese medicines are famous for its magical treatment effects and long history. So far, there are more than 12000 medicinal plants in China and some of them show special treatment effects in treating kidney failure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external usage of several Chinese herbs which have been proven to be effective in repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells and protecting residual kidney tissues. These herbs have function to extend blood vessels, block inflammation, prevent coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix. With these benefits, injured kidney cells can be activated to work again. Also, Chinese herbs contain lots of nutrition which is also beneficial for kidney intrinsic cells. For stage 4 kidney failure patients, as long as injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired and healthy kidney tissues are protected, further kidney damages and ESRD is prevented effectively.

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