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Alternative Treatment for ESRD in China

2013-04-20 16:54

We all know dialysis and kidney transplant are the two conventional treatment for ESRD around the world. However, as these two medical measures can not help ESRD patients to solve problem from the root, alternative treatment-Immunotherapy is created in China to help ESRD patients reduce sufferings.

ESRD is the abbreviation of End Stage Renal Disease and also can be called end stage kidney failure. With ESRD, dialysis is usually required to remove toxins in blood, as these toxins circulate with blood and may damage any part of patient’s body. Kidney transplant is a treatment option for ESRD; however, because of its high risk for kidney injection and difficulty in finding a matched kidney, kidney transplant is not an ideal option. As an alternative treatment for ESRD, Immunotherapy shows more advantageous compared with dialysis and kidney transplant.

Immunotherapy is a combined medical treatment of western medicines and Chinese medicines which are used to achieve different treatment purpose in the whole process. Western medicine always shows quick and obvious treatment effects in remitting ESRD symptoms like proteinuria, itching, blood urine and high blood pressure and so on. It is a must for kidney failure patients, but the problems for ESRD patients who are taking western medicines are that kidney disease relapses frequently and also lots of side effects will be caused if they take these medicines for a long time. To avoid these problems, in Immunotherapy, western medicines are used temporarily and also when patient’s illness condition gets stable, Chinese medicines are used to repair kidney damages. Chinese medicine is famous for its magical effects and natural characteristic. For ESRD patients, most of their kidney intrinsic cells have been dead or injured. Dead kidney cells can not be repaired, but for these injured kidney cells, they can be repaired successfully by activating them to increase their self-repairing ability. When more and more kidney intrinsic cells begin to display function, kidney condition gets improved effectively.

For ESRD patients who have not started dialysis, they have great chance to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant with alternative treatment-Immunotherapy. And for these who have started dialysis but still have urine output, Immunotherapy may not help them get rid of dialysis, but at least their dialysis frequency can be reduced effectively. As an alternative treatment for ESRD, Immunotherapy is not suitable for all the end stage kidney failure patients and it only shows effects on these who still have urine output. Also, the earlier the patients to take this treatment, the better the treatment effects.

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