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What Is Life Expectancy Of Stage 5 Kidney Disease

2013-04-23 10:05

What Is Life Expectancy Of Stage 5 Kidney Disease Stage 5 kidney disease is also known as end stage or final stage kidney disease or stage 5 kidney failure in clinic. Renal damages are so severe that the patient’s normal life activity and life expectancy are affected.

It is well known that dialysis and kidney transplant can help sustain the patient’s life and prolong their life expectancy. The average life expectancy of dialysis patients is 3-5 years and a successful kidney transplantation can help double or even triple the patient’s life span than if they are on mere dialysis. Of cause, this can not be applied to every stage 5 kidney disease patient. The exact life expectancy of each patients should take into account of the patient’s specific illness and physical condition as well as illness progression, treatment and many other factors.

Whatever the reasons, there are still many end stage renal disease patients do not receive dialysis treatment or kidney transplant. Is there any chance for stage 5 kidney disease to live a long life without dialysis or kidney transplant? A systemic and scientific treatment plan can help greatly prolong the patient’s life. The treatment plan is consisted of dialysis, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, immunotherapy, proper diets and life habits, positive attitude.

Dialysis can help remove excess water, electrolytes, minerals and metabolic wastes and toxins from the blood so as to purify the blood and cleanse the internal environment for the following treatments and medicines to take better effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help eliminate blood clots, qi stagnation so as to promote blood circulation and increase the supply of blood, oxygen and other nutritions to the kidneys. It can help ease renal damages, recover renal structure and renal functions so as to relieve symptoms and makke patients more comfortable.

Immunotherapy can help treat ESRD on more root problems. It can help regulate immune disorders and immune dysfunctions so as to enhance the patient’s immunity and disease-resistance ability and protect the kidney functions from potential damages.

Besides, proper diets, healthy life habits and positive attitude all count a lot for the recovery of kidney disease and they play more significant role than you can imagine in prolonging the patient’s life expectancy.

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