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What Are the Symptoms of End-stage CRF

2012-12-19 12:33

CRF (chronic renal failure) is a chronic process in which kidney functions experience progressive and gradual decline and loss. It can be subdivided into 5 stages according to the severity of renal damages and remaining renal functional units by calculating GFR (glomerular filtration rate) with the patients’ serum creatinine, body weight, age, gender and race.

End-stage of chronic renal failure is the most advanced renal damages and at this stage patients have already begun dialysis or have received kidney transplant. At this stage, patients will have pains, discomforts and a series of other symptoms and complications due to excessive accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins.

Symptoms in this stage include:

Much reduced urine volume

Fatigue and lethargy


Skin itching

Swelling (face, legs, ankles, arms, abdomen, pulmonary edema and pleural effusion)

Muscle cramps

Blood in urine or stools

Ammonia smell while breathing

Loss of appetite

Other symptoms may also be included back pain, frequent urinary tract infections, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, etc.

Actually the symptoms of end stage renal failure are much the same with that of the former stages, only the severity will be intensified, so it is often difficult to know weather the disease has entered into the final stage or not. Usually at the end stage there will be less than 10% kidney functions, therefore patients should take related tests regularly such as urine test, blood test, B ultrasound and kidney functions examination under the doctor’s guidance so as to have close monitoring of the illness progression and remaining kidney functions. Once there is sharp fall of kidney function or some severe indicators appear, proper and timely measures and treatments should be offered such as dialysis or kidney transplant.

Besides, some underlying conditions and major deterioration factors such as abnormal blood pressure, blood sugar levels should all be under close measurements.

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