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Causes Of Blood In Urine For Stage 5 CKD

2013-05-03 14:47

Many stage 5 CKD patients will experience blood in urine which often make them very scared and concerned if it is not during menstruation period for women.

There are several causes of blood in urine for patients on stage 5 CKD. They are as follows.

Kidney infections or kidney inflammations

Infections or inflammations in the kidneys are very common among kidney disease patients and they can cause blood in urine, fever, flank pains, etc.

Urinary tract infection or injuries

Urinary tract infection is especially common among female patients. Along with hematuria, other symptoms can also be caused such as frequent urination, burning sense in urination, strong ammonia smell in urine, etc.

Kidney stone or bladder stone

Small stones can move in the kidneys and urinary tract and cut the tissues and cause blood in urine. Large stones can obstruct the normal urine flow.

Polycystic kidney disease

Blood in urine is very common among PKD patients. It can be due to the cyst enlargement, cyst rupture or it can be due to the complications of PKD such as kidney stone or urinary tract infections.


Some medicines can also cause blood in urine such as aspirin, penicillin, blood thinners, etc.

Besides, prostate enlargement, renal tuberculosis, cancer are all possible causes of blood in urine.

Blood in urine is called hematuria in clinic. And if the blood in seen with naked eyes, it is called gross hematuria and it is a relatively serious symptom for stage 5 CKD patients. Blood in urine is often accompanied by a series of other symptoms and signs such as back pain, fever, infections, protein in urine, urinary pains, etc. If not well controlled, blood in urine can cause serious damages to the kidneys or even sharp decline of kidney functions. Therefore early and proper treatment should be sought to bring the illness conditions well under control and help patients avoid further damages.

During the onset of hematuria, patients should stop work or study and have good rest. Blood in urine is often found after strenuous activities and in such case blood can disappear by itself after having good rest.

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