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Immunotherapy For End Stage Renal Disease Not Dialysis

2013-05-07 09:55

Immunotherapy is an alternative treatment of renal replacement therapy---dialysis and kidney transplant for end stage renal disease. It has been proved to be natural and effective for treating ESRD.

For those that have begun dialysis, immunotherapy can help patients get rid of dialysis or at least reduce the frequency and duration of each dialysis, reduce the side effects and complications of dialysis. Immunotherapy is the combination of Chinese therapies and western therapies and it has greatly enhanced the efficacy of medicines and treatment. It is a whole system of scientific treatment which consists of 6 steps---immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blockage, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection.

Of cause there are different treatment plans according to each patient’s specific illness and physical conditions. Steroids, immunosuppressants, diuretics, high blood pressure drugs will be used to treat proteinuria, swelling, high blood pressure, etc. But different from conventional treatment, this is just one step of the whole treatment and these drugs are used to control the symptoms and prevent further worsening of illness conditions. When the discomforts are much relieved and the internal environment is cleaned, more effective treatments will be given to help repair damaged renal tissues and improve renal functions with Chinese medicines, osmosis therapies, medicated bath therapy, diet therapy, etc. Patients will not become dependent or resistant to the drugs and the side effects and potential renal damages are much reduced.

For those that have not begun dialysis, immunotherapy can help patients delay or even totally avoid dialysis. For those that have not begun dialysis treatment especially those that have fairly urine output, there is still great chance to improve their renal functions. If end stage renal disease can be reversed into 4th stage or even stage 3 kidney disease, patients can avoid dialysis.

Immunotherapy helps regulate immune disorder and enhance immunity so as to help protect the patient’s kidneys from potential damages. Patients will have significant improvements of their overall health conditions and they will become stronger and stronger.

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