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Causes And Treatment For Vomiting In End Stage Renal Disease

2013-06-12 10:10

Vomiting In End Stage Renal DiseaseWhat are the causes and treatment for vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease? Vomiting is an annoying symptom of end stage kidney failure. It affects patients’ appetite and make them unable in ingesting necessary nutrition, which is very against for End Stage Renal Disease patients to bring their illness condition into control. Seeing from this angle, learning about the specific cause and effective treatment for vomiting is very beneficial.

Causes for vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease

For patients with End Stage Renal Disease, there are different causes for their excess vomiting:

1. Fluid retention in lung: Vomiting caused by fluid retention in lung become especially severe when patients lie on the bed.

2. High BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level: Urea nitrogen is the end product of protein and normally excreted by kidneys. When End Stage Renal Disease is formed, urea nitrogen build up in blood and stimulate intestines and stomach, which can cause vomiting directly.

3. Acidosis is another cause for End Stage Renal Disease patients to suffer from vomiting and it also occurs when kidneys fail to function properly.

4. Sometimes, vomiting may occur as a side effect of some medications used to treat End Stage Renal Disease.

5. High potassium is another possible cause of vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease.

Treatment for vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease

Treatment plan for vomiting in End Stage Renal Disease should be strictly based on its cause:

1. If it is caused by fluid retention in lung, dialysis will be urgently needed to remove excess fluid in the body; otherwise, pleural effusion will occur, which is extremely life-threatening. In addition, when excess fluid are discharged, improving kidney condition to avoid the reoccurrence of this problem is necessary.

2. For End Stage Renal Disease patients, if vomiting occurs as a side effect of some medications, go to doctor for adjustment or substitute.

3. In End Stage Renal Disease, if onset of vomiting is closely related with high potassium level, high BUN level or acidosis, improving kidney function will be the key point to alleviate this problem.

For the medicine that can improve kidney condition, Chinese herbs are recommended. Western medicine show quick and obvious effects in controlling symptoms of End Stage Renal Disease, but disappointedly, the treatment effects are temporary and also, they can not solve problem fundamentally. In clinic, there are so many herbs can be used to improve kidney function and they are Milk Thistle, Zea Mays, Astragalus, Cranberry, Licorice Root, Goldenrod, Burdock, Asian Ginseng, etc. These herbs are helpful for End Stage Renal Failure patients to improve kidney condition and alleviate vomiting, but if used improperly, they will cause sever side effects and unnecessary health problems. Therefore, please talk with doctor about the correct usage and proper dosage before taking them. (Also, you can leave message to to get detailed information about these herbs)

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