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Death For End-Stage Renal Disease

2013-06-12 16:26

Death For End-Stage Renal DiseaseThis article aims at explaining how End-Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) cause death and how to prolong life span with End-Stage Renal Disease.

How End-Stage Renal Disease cause death?

End-Stage Renal Disease refers to the worst kidney condition in which almost all the body systems can be involved. For patients with end stage kidney failure, they are running high risk for heart problem, respiratory problems, nerve problem, skin problem, bone problem and digestive problem and so on.

End-Stage Renal Disease is deadly, and it causes patient’s death mainly through its severe complications. According to clinical statistic, more than a half of End-Stage Renal Disease patients finally die from cardiovascular disease, which makes it the number one cause of death.

Aside from cardiovascular disease, End-Stage Renal Disease patients may also die of many other conditions like extremely low blood pressure during dialysis, loss of blood in intestinal tract, surgery and even severe infection and so on.

How to prolong life span with End-Stage Renal Disease?

End-Stage Renal Disease is so life-threatening that it is necessary for patients to take some measures in advance to prolong their life span. Well, the problem is what End-Stage Renal Disease patients can to do make themselves live longer?

1. Since cardiovascular is the main cause of End-Stage Renal Disease patients’ death, it is extremely important to prevent the occurrence of it in advance. High blood pressure and high blood sugar are the two risk factors for heart disease, so for ESRD patients with Hypertension and Diabetes, bring blood sugar and blood pressure into the normal range is imperative.

2. Prevent cold and infection actively. Cold and infection are the another two risk factors that can increase End-Stage Renal Disease patients’ mortality. Viewed from this point, preventing cold and infection will become very essential.

3. Talk with your doctors directly when you feel discomforts. Many End-Stage Renal Disease patients need to maintain their life through dialysis which may cause various accidents or troubles and this needs patients to pay extra attention while doing dialysis and talk with doctor directly when they feel discomforts or something different.

4. Quite all the bad living habits like drinking alcohol and smoking that may affect illness condition. Have a regular life, beneficial diet and keep being in good mood.

5. Follow on doctor’s suggestions strictly and cooperate with doctors actively.

It is quite possible for End-Stage Renal Disease patients to live a longer life through a series of efforts. And also, ever there was a report said an End-Stage Renal Disease patients lived as long as 20 years with dialysis. Therefore, there is chance for patients to prolong their life span and delay their death.

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